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Jordan 6 VI Champagne and Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Going to be bringing more “early” content to you guys. Took a very long
    time to arrange this, but it feels good not fooling my audience by
    reviewing replica sneakers early, and pretending they are authentic. 

  2. I wish the cigar wasn’t a perfect blunt color. I’d like more of a soggy but
    then dried out cardboard. Then again they did good with concept!

    Have to pass though! Nice early look!

  3. Damn thanks so much Tyler, really appreciate the true early looks this is
    too cool! Not really feeling either colorway especially at that price

  4. Blunt wrap eh, Never knew you smoked weed T blake.

  5. first good review.

  6. is the back light or dark on the cigars 

  7. blake you fucks with the neon icon leak???????

  8. Champagnes but idk know yet if I want to waste money on them 

  9. Cigar definitely but i thought you said you weren’t going to get them
    because of the price 

  10. Where are you in this video bro? Change of scenery!

  11. Cigar and would pick up if it didn’t have the terrible price 

  12. Johnny cupcakes wearhouse? 

  13. So was the logo on the heel of the cigars light, medium or dark? and
    obviously they are the retail pair!

  14. Are these real? If so how’d you get them so early?


  16. nice video, cool how you’re brining some early content! personally really
    like the cigars but that 250 price tag is definitely an inhibiting factor

  17. domn those are both so nice

  18. Am I the only one who thinks they’re both ugly…? Great early vid though,

  19. “really matched the color of a blunt wrap” haha

  20. cigars are a super copp, champagne is a super pass 

  21. Good review next time more in detail so people can see the difference from
    buying unauthorized and 100% authentis


  23. Thank God a Real and Honest Vid. Good to finally see what the Champagne
    look like. Thanks for the Vid man. Really liking what I see.

  24. cigar for sure

  25. where did u get em?

  26. there both pice of shit 250 for a Jordan shoe that don’t even las long get
    the fuck out of here and stop use icy soles there ugly they yellow to fast
    and the look ugly when they get dirty from walking 

  27. Cigars are definitely nicer and more wearable than the champaigns in my

  28. Cigars r a must but I say the champagnes r growing on me. Great vid bro 

  29. cigars for real

  30. That price tag got me saying NAH. I’ma let ya rich muhfuckas flourish

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