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Jonathan Drew at Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo 2008

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Get Free Shipping on your Order of $75+ with code SAVESHIP Taken at Famous Smoke Shop’s recent Cigar Expo & BBQ Bash 2008, Jonathan Drew, co-founder of Drew Estate Cigars, talks with Gary…

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  1. acid cigars kick ass love the naturals and isla del sol van reef is a work
    of art i cant even go back 2 a non drew estate cigar

  2. Referring to Popeful’s comment: If you were to have a nice Pizza, and you
    pick any style, u are still providing a flavor…but what really makes the
    pizza good is the crust!! is the flour used into, so cant cheap out on
    anything….therefore, it is NOT scary for the price at all, it is OBVIOUS
    its done with 1st class tobacco otherwise, they would be good!

  3. Drew Estate is one of my favorite lines. I especially like the Acid Kuba
    Kuba. And Jon Drew is right about their prices, the other day I was smoking
    a CAO Brazilia and my buddy had an Isla De Sol(however you spell that) and
    he let me taste that, and I was very impressed. Especially because it was
    only $3.

  4. Doesn’t the price scare you? If you flavor everything that means you can
    get a cheaper tobacco. No wonder they’re so cheap. And even if you do get a
    good tobacco, why would you want to flavor it? Seems like a waste to me.

  5. He doesn’t just Flavor Cigars man… Anybody can do that… Drew takes
    Premium Tobaccos and blends them and in the curing process they infuse
    them. Infusing is different than just adding flavor… Its subtlety is his
    true craft. Smoke a Natural Root or the Tabak Especial he references here.
    Cafe Con Leche is SO GOOD!

  6. tabak especiale is the bomb bomb!!!!!! i smoke one every morning! first
    cigar of the day, everyday!!

  7. Cuz thats been done by 100s of companies already dude… Its tired and old.
    There are only so many ways to blend some leaves. This is different.
    Definitely not for everybody, and there will be plenty like yourself who
    just don’t get it. Go get yourself a Cafe Con Leche and pour a nice
    capacino, or Patron XO Cafe and enjoy the burn. Give it a shot, if you
    enjoy stogies you’ll love it

  8. Again, why can’t you let the tobacco speak for itself?

  9. When I’m not smoking a nice smooth Maduro; ISLA DEL SOL is my main fav
    Cigar to smoke for when I have a sweet tooth especially after a big meal.

  10. Fair enough; i presume you’re referring to the Tabak Especiale segment?
    Maybe they’re not for you. I hardly ever smoke infused cigars, but I know
    several people, all traditional cigar smokers, who love that Tabak
    Especiale. A girl was smoking one next to me at the Leaf bar the other
    night. It has a great aroma, too.

  11. Theres only one Acid I hate, a couple that are ‘okay’, the rest are
    fantastic. While I still enjoy other premium cigars, I really do prefer the
    Acids. Absolutely the best.

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