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John Cotton Smyrna Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Impression of the recreated John Cotton Smyrna Pipe Tobacco

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  1. I actually picked up a tin of this today… and yea dry straight from the tin . I'm guessing it comes like that.

  2. I'm not a big fan of the re-released blends either, because some YTPC nut job will come along and review the blends, give them all sorts of praise and then I'll have to go out and buy some. LOL

  3. It's like the re-booting of all the movies and TV shows. it ain't the original, period. That said, it could be really good. Just call it something else!

  4. I do not care if they are they same or not. I love Bengal slices/Fusiliers ration and delicious. I hear your point thou it seems like some just cash in on the old name. The John Cotton line did not excite me. I might get some if I get a sample in a trade and like it but I do not have it on my list to order anytime soon.

  5. all about the green baby..i mean sire!!i haven't smoked one recreation that was like the original…to me, even misissippi river changed and thats a modern blend????

  6. I dont agree with ya on the feelings about recreations- if they can get me as close as they can to what was- I am alright with it. I am certain it will not be the exact same, but the history of the blends draws me to them. Good review, and I look forward to your next.

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