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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Smoke cigs that are all natural like from the Indian reservation

  2. Smoke cigs that are all natural like from the Indian reservation

  3. Did joe just light that with a fuckin regular ass lighter wtf thats a mortal sin

  4. Chewing on the cigar? Really? Fucking hell.

  5. Only some men have the correct facial proportions to be able to smoke cigars and not look like a chick sucking a dick for the first time.

  6. I can't stand Redban. He says such stupid shit. I don't think I've finished a single podcast he was on.

  7. does even cubans give you any psychological happiness? i dont get it … i heard smokes and cigars dont do anything

  8. Nothing like smoking a crusty, stale, fake Cuban cigar…backwards.

  9. He moved the band down, he's not smoking it backwards.

  10. If you want Cuban cigars just buy Nicaraguan cigars. Tons of Cuban cigar makers moved to Nicaragua when Fidel Castro took over Cuba. Cubans dominated the Nicaraguan market and now you can buy cigars made in Nicaragua by Cubans.

  11. Love you joe but damn you know nothing about cigars.

  12. "Cuban by the way, probably fake"

  13. Its so hard to find cubans….REAL cubans. Almost impossible. The black market has completely shot out the cuban market.

    Whenever someone smokes a "cuban" and they dont instantly say wow…its fake. Most real cubans will have a creamy smooth nutty flavor right off the bat! By the time you get to the middle…you want to eat the mother they're so good!

    If somone walks away saying…eh whatever….its fake.

  14. Just chewing on its not bad what a loser lol

  15. Russel is a fucking badass.

  16. Pipes are the best. I'm smoking one right now.

  17. lights cigar on the wrong end and hacks up a lung when he takes one hit

  18. Im not gonna lie I love smoking tobacco after smoking weed. Its nice how it regulates the high and keeps you centered.

  19. I started smoking cigarettes because of spliffs, dont fuck with them.

  20. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING RETARDED IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CIGAR GUILLOTINE THEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SMOKE THE CLOSED END FIRST SO THAT YOU BURN IT OFF YOU AMERICAN CIGARLESS FUCKS. How can you even comment on cigar smoking etiquette when you haven't been able to buy them for FIFTY YEARS? And, if you smoke fags then IT'S REALLY FUCKING COMMON TO COUGH CAUSE YOU INSTINCTIVELY INHALE. Every smoker I know coughs when they first toke a cigar cause if even a tiny bit of that smoke goes down YOU FUCKED.

  21. I think it's true that only the people in the smoking department survived. It was written about the crash in the news paper, and several other sources claim so.

  22. Cuban cigars are so overhyped. its silly.

  23. really sad to hear joe talk about Charlie Murphy

  24. I miss Redban's retarded ass always chiming in with random shit 🙁

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