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Joben’s Lighter Collection

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Just for the heck of it, here’s my lighter collection.



  1. Nice collections , I had a few Dunhills and Cartiers . Almost tempted to
    dig them out and examine them .

  2. where did you get the lighter with the flint wheel on the side and the two
    lights built in? It reminds me of the IM corona double corona 

  3. What you said at the beginning was the most accurate thing I’ve ever heard

  4. Your Jobon lighter is for a pipe..Nimrod use to make them. Spark it just
    like you said and hold it over your pipe bowl. 

  5. I have that exact same box but has a herb selection in it

  6. The mirror on the honest with the compass is for lighting cigars 

  7. You sound exactly like zach galifianakis from The Hangover! 

  8. I bet ur American

  9. So true about if you like one item you’re more than likely to like the
    other things too.

  10. Your ww2 lighter is a reproduction from the 70’s. The real ones are twice
    as heavy and a lot more substantial.

  11. You can never have too much camo

  12. Yes. Tipping it heats a gas expansion tube creating the jet effect. Kind of
    like heating the tube on a white gas camp stove.

  13. yea RONSON jet light i got the same one an 5 of the other ones but my zippo
    was passeed down from along time ago from one person to the next in the

  14. @PyroReviews No, I just like lighters, and carry one on general principle.
    “Always be prepared.”

  15. I know what you mean about collections. I collect antique safety razors. I
    guess it’s old manly stuff. Knives, razors, lighters, etc. Nice collection.
    Get yourself an authentic IMCO Triplex. I think you’ll like it. I also
    recommend picking up an old Beattie Jet from ebay. Those are interesting.

  16. I have one of those too and it is a no name brand. Ebay has a branded one
    though and the brand is tiger. it is $20.

  17. you said every thing i like

  18. love the collection

    there is one international seller, with a few..

  20. the ultra thin black lighter is a cigarette pack light meant to slip into
    the cellophane initially and then into the pack itself when a few
    cigarettes have been removed

  21. 1935 zippo reproduction

  22. no its a 1937 its not shorter than a regular zippo and it has an internal

  23. man u have a realy nice collection, maybe some day i have one too, I
    already start with my first zippo, a leathered butane ligther and a zippo
    matchbox xD, realy cool man nice video

  24. You would think that trench lighters would be more World War I era. Just my
    opinion, I really know nothing about lighters, please don’t hate me.

  25. I want to get one of those brass trench lighters sometime

  26. @zippolove353 Thank you.

  27. Good recommendations. Is the beattie jet the one that has a jet flame when
    you turn it sideways? I got one of those years ago but It didn’t work
    right….I really should get another.

  28. zippo for the win

  29. 4:00 I have that or a replica maybe I’m not sure but I have it 😛

  30. check out dealextreme(dot)com/c/jet-lighter-torches-809

  31. Do you smoke?

  32. I got the same box! o.o

  33. Wow,I had a friend that smoked Camel ciggs. and she got a trench lighter
    for me with all her Camel points…before she stopped smoking….I lost it
    yeard later…dang it…

  34. limited edition on the ESEE forum a year or so back. Shotgunner11 was
    handling the sale of them if i recall. Donno if they’re still around.

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