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Jet lighter review. Ronson vs Pierre Cardin

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Absolutely dreadful Ronson lighter. It gives electric shocks, it just doesn’t work properly and customer service is the worst I’ve ever come across. The Pierre Cardin lighter (on the other hand) is glorious, it looks wonderful, is powerful and utterly reliable.

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  1. You are TOO MUCH! You're my two favorite things pretty and interesting!

  2. I like this video of yours tiny featuresxxxxxxx

  3. Great video Sophia, so good to see you back on YouTube, when are you going to do the YouTube live?

  4. I suspect the ‘spirit level’ on the side that you saw is a sight glass to check the fuel level. I have gas fuelled soldering irons that are similar. But I suppose you could use it as a spirit level too!

  5. The second lighter is as beautiful as you Sophia, a perfect match!

  6. Looking absolutely beautiful 😀…. I Still use the old matches… Take care be well see you soon 👏🏻😀

  7. I had one of those, it was the worst lighter I ever had, I threw it in the garbage after 2 weeks.

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