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JC Newman Brick House Cigar Review Ep39

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Brick House Cigar Review – JC Newman Brand History pt.1:

Welcome to the Dr. Joe Show! Over the next four episodes, we will be covering the great American cigar company, JC Newman. To start things off, we’ll be smoking and rating the Brick House Churchill. First released in 1937 as a cigar composed of a Cuban blend, today’s Brick House line is what we call a “revival brand.”

JC Newman Cigar Co. was founded in 1895 by Julius Caeser Newman – a young Hungarian immigrant who was given his middle name, complete with misspelling, upon passing through Ellis Island. Initially, he had been working for a cigar manufacturer after studying the trade as an apprentice. However, a sudden recession soon left Newman without a job. Determined to make a better life for himself and his family, Newman constructed a single rolling table and began producing his own cigars in the family barn. It wasn’t long before he landed his first order – and JC Newman Cigar Company was born.

The company prospered and grew until the great depression when, in a bid for survival, Newman merged his company with another cigar firm by the name of Mendelssohn. Together they formed, “M&N Cigar Company,” – a name that would stick for decades, even long after Newman managed to acquisition the entire company for himself. By 1937, Newman was just a year away from that moment and it was then that the concept for the Brick House cigar line came to him.

Brick House was a brand formed out of nostalgia and reminiscence. The “brick house,” was Newman’s childhood home while growing up back in Hungaria. The family lived on the second floor, while the first floor was dedicated to the local tavern which the family also owned and operated. The creation of the early Brick House brand signifies a “back to roots,” mentality and the importance of family.

Today’s Brick House is composed of Nicaraguan tobacco, but what it stands for is no different. The cigar we’re smoking here, dubbed “Churchill,” does not conform to the classic 7″ x 47 format and actually measures in at 7.25″ x 50.

This episode marks a very important moment for the Dr. Joe Show as it is the first released since the major format revisions and technical overhauls were applied. Please remember that there will now be only one part for each episode number. However, brand history will run through several episodes per brand, with each episode dealing with a different cigar. In this case, JC Newman will be covered through episodes 39 – 42. Many of the changes we’ve implemented and elements such as new lighting and a second camera, are still not evident in this initial release of the new format. We will be ironing out the remaining kinks over the next few releases. Thanks so much for watching The Dr. Joe Show – “Pure Cigar Entertainment!” Keep on Smokin’!

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  1. Hi there. If you can, message me, I have some ideas and some feedback on the production side of your show…best, George

  2. Wow! Awesome man! Love the history! Keep up the good work!

  3. not only my favorite YouTube show but my favorite show!!!!

  4. Nice job man! show has improved in leaps and bounds! but to be honest I'd sit and watch your reviews even if you were sitting on a crate! cheers brother, keep on smokin!

  5. Bravo JOE! I really enjoy all the improvements in quality in formatting, sound, video
    I was very entertained, love it, love it love it….. Joe you tell a great history lesson/story that was fun smoking and watching …. Oh wow those Padrons…. oh my goodness all that plum….WOW…love looking at collections…JOE , Was one of the humidors a bleu? everything looked extra nice. I could watch listen to your show for hours….just excellent what else can I saw, Thanks!

  6. Doc it's great to have you back! We need to keep the show popping so you can keep those episodes coming!

  7. Dear joe,

    I'm not much a man of change either, but I have to admit this was a good idea.
    the format is nice and clear.
    I have one humble suggestion and that is to add the screen like you do in the old format with the discription of the 1st third etc. This because you suck up so much information about the brand history that I sort of felt like I was falling short on getting the details on the cigar itsself. I hope that contributes to what yer doing brother.

    Keep em coming and keep smokin'


  8. Wow great new format! Keep them coming Joe.

  9. Thanks for the history lesson, really enjoyed that. Looking forward to next chapter 🙂

  10. Another  job well done my friend! Very interesting story as a matter of fact I plan to tell this to my grandchild for bedtime! LOL Thanks again for all you do!

  11. Great Review Joe. To be honest it was kind of difficult to see your face I felt with the new light. Almost has a bit of a tint to it. Digging the new set up in back though. Just feels like the lighting was better in other reviews. Regardless, great quality and information once again! (Just my opinion on the lighting)

  12. I'm digging the new format and I know the hat is kind of your thing, but it's really hard to see your eyes something I like to see when someone is talking to me.

  13. LOVE your channel Joe. Was told about it by another BOTL and have been hooked ever since. Been slowly getting through all of your videos and love all of them. You give such great, valuable information, and I love how you just act like…well…a person. You don't try to have a youtube personality. Keep up the great work and I look forward to watching more and more videos from you. BTW….a humidor tour would be awesome. Take care and thanks for doing what you do.

  14. Nice production. Its prime time for the Dr.Joe show. I was waiting for the in house band to play, and for you to bring out some guests. Whats next? a side kick, commercials …lmao…love the new format and as usual your doing great things. I really enjoyed this episode and all of the history that was JC Newman Cigar, Co.
    Excellent A++++

  15. Nice upgrade Joe! All of the production values are improved, and the content, as always, is fascinating and educational. Keep 'em coming!!

  16. I'll always have a special place in my heart for this stick…It was 5 years ago on the first day of Buck season when I lit one up…it was the first cigar that I had that wow moment and I've never looked back since… I went from the occasional stick to having two wineadors and thousands of $'s invested…What a great hobby/lifestyle…I'm a BOTL for life!

  17. Joe – you never cease to improve, and bring us more information in the cigar industry that make it interesting and fun to watch! Keep up the good work!

  18. Wow, Wow very nice set up you have now. I am really impress with your dedication to this channel. Very informative and creative. Keep them coming.

  19. Like it joe , nice changes , very nice presentation… I still like the " old way " but then again I don't like change lol

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