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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Damm i miss old jason please come get some of my pills again

  2. Cunt you allways hang up half way though saying peace!! Your like right pe…..

  3. a Cuban cigar where did you get a fucking Cuban you liar?

  4. Looking like shit always wearing cheap ass jewelry and that same ass shirt lol. And he’s bragging about having over of quarter of a tank of gas? Jason you’re fucking pathetic nasty ass pedophile.

  5. who is his wife ?
    it's cringening….

  6. You're not going to LA. You'll never leave Palm Beach county again in your life.

  7. We wanna see you roll some weed in one of those cigars

  8. Those lips would suck chrome off a toe bar 😂😂😂

  9. looking green in thumbnail m'frankenstein

  10. What you fail to understand is that cuban cigars are made for badasses and macho guys like me. I remember smoking one of them while walking through the deep jungle in Colombia. Suddenly, while walking, a wild cheetah appeared and i made it go away by looking at it with a stone cold gaze and putting out the cigar on its skin.

  11. 4:01
    "Smoking my cig- cough cough smoking my cigar enjo- cough cough enjoying my cig cough cough cigar"

    Are you really enjoying it jason? Be honest bro.

  12. Jason we are all worried about u mentally u are getting worse then u were 3 + years ago u have no friends u pushed everyone away u become selfish and refused to help urself

  13. Fucking shit most of that smoked was ghosted impressive and stupid

  14. You're not suppossed to inhale cigars only puff em.. Be safe Jason hope the dieting goes well for you for the ruby. Cool shirt😎

  15. Your chanel dead even the trolls are bored

  16. Baller status baby. Inhales the cigar smoke, a true break baby!

  17. This is honestly an instant classic ment

  18. His only breaths are through the cigar….

  19. Look YouTube as I stand in a empty parking lot sucking this dick dog over and over again, woo!

  20. That cigar is canoeing hard core

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