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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Jack Daniels Cigar Review (ft. Swamp Thing Cigar)

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Thanks for your patience as we are making editing, and video adjustments here at TNTCigars. The future looks bright and you can anticipate our videos just getting better and better with time. Thanks for hangin in there with us durning this transition! -BR



  1. Ya still have a good life about you Brad.  You're gonna be fine, hold in there past the change period and keep the vids coming.  Thumbs up Dana's amazing eyes

  2. LMBO – EXUSE YOOOU ! The hog said as he ride off into the sunset ! LOL

  3. She's really cool.. but it was actual perfect with tim😭😭

  4. You should remake an intro clip with Bradley trying to light a cigar with Dana blowing out the lighter.

    Also please turn up Dana's mic, or if it is a single mic move it closer to her side of the table to try and even out the voice volume.

  5. It will never be the same

  6. She looks smoking hot (no pun intended) seriously miss Tim but I'm very positive Dana will bring it as well!!

  7. Dana is a savage, yes but good lord that is a beautiful girl, man. I mean good god she is gorgeous.

  8. Wow Tim is looking very attractive today I must say

  9. "I feel like you're invading my safe space" lol

  10. Dana might need a clip-on mic or to have the overhead mic her side of centre, so when Bradley is talking we can still hear her as clearly as we could hear Tim.

  11. AT LAST! A REALLY good looker on the show! Well done Dana honey, keep that bearded monster on his toes.

  12. I like Jack Daniels….but it isn't bourbon Bradley. Jack Daniels is Tennessee whiskey…not Kentucky bourbon.

  13. Rip Tim… it will take a while to get used to dana

  14. Man. How many times are we going to watch bradly fix his hat?

  15. Glad to see the reviews are still coming, Dana, you are a very nice addition to the review.

  16. I might be slow but where's Tim? Did I miss something?

  17. It’s just not the same. I’m not feeling this new direction. All good things must come to an end.

  18. For the price of Jack Daniels, you could have bought real quality bourbon.

  19. Beatiful young lady! Sexy smoker!

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