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J.F.Germain’s Brown Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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J.F. Germain & Son Tobacco Company Brown Flake Pipe Tobacco


  1. I cant stand this channel, its so STUPID. Nice blend though.

  2. Excellent review must give this a try if I can get my hands on a tin thanks for sharing buddy happy smokes ☺☺☺☺☺👍👍👍👍👍👍 best regards Peter.

  3. This video was far too long and serious. no maniacal laughter until 5:46 unsubbed!

  4. Great acting! Even being serious looks crazy!…LOL..

  5. I dont bother with germain/esoterica when theres mcclelland

  6. Brown Flake is great, reminds me of G&H best brown flake (or is that just me) I agree Stonehaven sucks, Germains Rich Dark Flake is far superior, well. it is for me. Keep the funny videos coming or I will unsub , and you dont want to lose me as a watcher.  happy smokes Tade,    Kev

  7. how did you get this…impossible

  8. I LOVED your cellar tour video! Hands down the best one I have seen!

  9. You've Right attitude there, well as for this tobacco,even here in europe, most always this very tobacco seems to be short (on)in ? supply,Never got chace to try it to this day, thanks for this review, Paul

  10. Great opening. Lol that was great and no can't find the Germaine flake. Stains are only good in tobacco tins. 👍🏻

  11. One of my favorite blends….. sadly. Still, I will not jump through hoops or pay above competitive pricing for this blend. There are just way too many great blends that I can enjoy sans the inconvenience.

  12. You moved the jars.  Please put them back.  It's upsetting the chi.

  13. You've been uploading reviews more often then I shower! LOL kidding… Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all these blends. I really enjoy watching your videos.

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