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Is this worth 300 euro!!? Review of the Black Dragon cigar case!

Posted by in Cigar Review

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More info about the case can be found here:
Instagram: @blackdragonofficial

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  1. I have a simple question – when you walk into a room with fellow cigar smokers, smoking great cigars and sipping on a fantastic whiskey – which of these three cases would draw the most attention or strike up the best conversation?

  2. I really liked the video, and can’t agree more with the review. Blatant copy, and it doesn’t really improve a bit in any side upon the PJ. The white stitches suck really, I believe that’s the worst part. Great video!

  3. Good review. Didn’t like it when I first saw it. Looks like leatherette(fake leather) hope to see some new videos!

  4. haha great video brother. always great seeing your videos Dirk. yes the Peter James case will always win. this other case looks like a cheap knock off. probably should be 1/3 that price of the 300 euro. great video!

  5. Cigar smoking is not about showing off the most expensive gear you can find. Unfortunately it is for some. No cigar fotos with a watch for less than 10k please! Two bands? Three bands!! And two on the foot.

  6. Thank you for the video! Feel free to add in the new video where you keep your case while on the go. In another bag or if they fit into your pocket on your jacket. Thanks botl

  7. Always informative and unbiased. I still like your old 6 count case the best. 😁

  8. Great video as always man definitely not worth it in my opinion

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