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Is this WORLD’S PERFECT CIGAR? (f. Sans Pareil)

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  1. That is some Castro style cigars.

  2. Because the "perfect cigar" is YOUR favorite cigar

  3. Exclusive cigars are like high class whores. Why pay thousands of dollars to wine and dine an escort, when you can pay less to just get down to business.

  4. Given what he said in his video, i would get it if he was actually selling that super lancero that he talked about in the video. He never mentioned any of the other sizes/ blends. What he failed to mention was the difference in blends and sizes from the super lancero blend, which might be the perfect cigar… but he's not actually selling that. He's selling the other shit for what that special stick is probably, very well worth. I mean, as a bartender by profession, i would love to have a yacht someday, but i would love to have a cigar today.

  5. Will y'all please do a review of Cohiba Cigars. Would like to know your opinion of the cigars and other information y'all can share about why you like or dislike the cigars.

  6. Cigar smoking is not only a luxury, but a lifestyle for some people. Making a cigar exclusive to only a select amount of people is like taking an opportunity away from someone to experience something amazing. In this day and age we should not exclude people, we should welcome them to try new things and experience something that we love. Making a cigar exclusive takes that chance away and ruins an opportunity for someone to get into a hobby, like cigar smoking. Life's about making opportunities and taking chances. We should not hold people back from taking those chances by making cigars exclusive.

  7. Snooty exclusive cigars are like The Clintons. Only the rich want them. The working men don't need them. You can get better quality for a lower cost. And like with Tim's cigar, Bill leaves a bad taste in the mouth, at least according to Monica Lewinsky.

  8. Trying to come up with some way to diss the company but if I won them I'd still smoke em and try to enjoy them. That's what cigars are about. It's a pleasure to smoke a good cigar and everyone should have the opportunity to.

  9. His opening statement…."what if……blah blah perfection "…. if that were the case they wpuldnt use a shitty microphone in a room with bad acoustics.

  10. I think anyone that managed to watch the full 5 minutes of that crap deserves a prize. At least a hug or something…. I stopped after the "anything short of perfection would disgust me" line. What an absolute tool.

  11. snooty cigars are bad because we have enough of an elitist population and we need to come together and figure our shit out, not separate ourselves.

  12. Exclusive Cigars suck because: They raise totally unsupportable expectations.
    That said, I'd love to give one to my buddy who thinks only the very best, very, very best, should ever be smoked. This might open his eyes a bit when he learns how hard they are to obtain – OR – drive him nuts trying to get another! lol

  13. The guy from the San Pereil video reminds me of the Bolivar Trask character(played perfectly by Peter Dinklige) from the X-Men Days of Future Past movie in voice, attitude, and mannerisms.

  14. hyper-premium, exclusive cigars degrade cigar culture because the only people who will go after these sticks are 'those dudes' who don't necessarily know a ton about cigars but want something to brag about in lounges. They'll get these and the dudes who hang at his local lounge will be plunged into a purgatory where they will have to hear about how that asshat got an exclusive stick.

    The SP video…1) Agent Smith 2) Strives for perfect tobacco, yet can't perfect a script for a video 3) No thanks, I'm all set.

  15. Perfection is the enemy of great.

  16. Exclusivity typically represents insecurities. People or groups that are insecure about their products will usually try to hype up their products with "exclusivity" to sell it.

    At the same time, amazing products are meant to be enjoyed and shared. Not restricted.

  17. Well that video sucked literally. Terrible quality. The video was not perfect so why would his cigar be.

  18. Exclusive just ties in the fact that rich people are as dumb as poor people. Just in different ways! Circle of life is the poor work hard to get rich and the rich get too lazy and become poor. Seen it too many times. The only perfect cigar is the one that satisfies the day without expectations.

  19. Sounds like the phrase 'Exclusive Cigars' is pretty similar to Chris Farley explaining putting a guarantee on a box.

  20. Why would you have a premium exclusive cigars when TOOMAHAWKS and YETIS are monstrous. Like that cigar you are only paying for the name and the "posh"

  21. Things were put in perspective once I watched the Sans Pareil video. Ha!

  22. I cant imagine what would make any cigar cost more then $20. What could possibly make them that price. You guys are in the industry and I would love insight into this world of $20 plus cigars and why?

  23. It's 2017 Exclusive cigars aren't millennial enough, exclusive cigar smokers may or may not choose to be called an exclusive cigar smoker, exclusive cigar smokers get to choose which restroom they get to smoke their cigars in, exclusive cigar smokers probably voted for Hillary and talk about crossfit over their vegan lunch

  24. So I watch the video in the link. Oh my god that was bad I couldn't watch the whole thing, my perfect cigar? Taste like dirt. "Earth" as some might say. Dirt, spice, and coffee.

  25. After watching a few of your videos I have realized that you two clowns dont have a clue about Nuance. Good or bad as the stick may be you dont have any idea either way. You need something to stick into your mouth and puff on just to stop the sound from coming out. I am not saying there is no place for you or that the stick is what it is billed to be, im saying you wouldn't know if it was! You two yoyos can smoke for the sake of smoking all you want but dont sell yourself as aficionados capable of saying what's what.

  26. Excited about the new sampler! Keep it up guys!

    And the reason why "exclusive" anything sucks, is because people infer that the product is top of the line. The best of the best. Where this is, in most instances, not the case. They perpetuate sub-standard products and slap a label on them to increase the hype and drive the price up. And quality suffers. I tried the blue label like Tim did – felt exactly the same. I could tell that it was premium tobacco, but I just couldn't get into it. Set it down after the first third.

  27. Exclusive cigars are a complete waste of money because it allows for tye expansion of snobbery and hoity toityness in the industry and when they are selective about where they sell them or who can carry them it just shows that they are hiding away a sub par blend and over hyping it to artificially inflate its perspective value. But hey thats just my take

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