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INSOMNIAC’S TOP 5 CIGARS!! ..and you’ll never guess #1 [ Should I Smoke This ]

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I FINALLY DID IT! After YEARS of everyone asking for my favorite cigars, here’s my current Top 5 list. And the #1 cigar is going to be a SHOCKER! Get ready!

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  1. Muy bueno soy joven cubano y tambien amo fumar puros

  2. lol he has pictures of himself in the background

  3. good list, we share a few favorites, I will check out the others

  4. Interestiny top 5 i like how you stress its subjective and your personal not everyones been watchin more and more of your videos i like the fact your not a pretentious cigar snob.

  5. Love your introduction. So true!

  6. Your top 5 is out of my price range. How about going down stream a bit and adding value to the mix of criteria? Give us champagne taste on a beer budget types some helpful tips.

  7. Lol!!! I have 3 sharks just sitting in my humidor along with some list city and eye of the shark. So hard to come by those

  8. There's a few on your list I need to try. My top 5 list is always changing as well.

  9. Good list. The only 2 I don't agree with are the Fuente and the Persian, and that's only because I've not had them. I am constantly disappointed by the Fuentes I try, so spending $20+ gives me pause. I know I will have to try one someday tho. But that Persian, being a 5 Buck Chuck, has me intrigued.

    We must have similar tastes in stogies, the darker richer stuff. (The 1990 is def the best RP) I would put both the Liga and the Imperiosa in my top 5 too. And even the little Papas Fritas are a good, cheap quickie.

  10. That RP Vintage 1990 is also my fave RP. Then I would say Royale and Sungrown Maduro. Beyond those, I don't smoke too many Rockys.

  11. I have couple RP 1990's in my humidor right now.

  12. Any chance you could invest in a cheap mic that pics up a little more bass? Between the high hat in the background and your camera / phone, the video has a lot of highs that make it kind hard to listen to on headphones. Loved the video though.

  13. My changes too. I can’t disagree with all five or six. 😂👍

  14. please give links to your top 5

  15. called that it was gonna be an RP when you said the brand was notorious for inconsistencies lol

  16. I'm thinking its Tennessee waltz with a footband.

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