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Inside the Partagas Factory #1

Posted by in Cigar Review

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I spent half a day touring this incredible facility viewing all the critical aspects of cigar production. In this video, be mezmerized by the sorting and pac…

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  1. This is montecristo, isn’t it?

  2. Very nice, take me with you next time you go! lol

  3. Does that mean this “Fabrica Partagas” make the three premium cigars? Or in
    other words, Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo cigars are produced by the
    same factory (but different management perhaps)?

  4. I just took the video with my Flip Video camera. Nobody battered an eyelid
    and even played up for the camera.

  5. What are they looking for with the sorting? Is it just for size?

  6. The factory is known as The Fabrica Partagas. At this factory in downtown
    Havana they make Cohiba’s (various sizes), Partagas, and of-course

  7. lovely!! ^^

  8. that dominican woman can roll cigars all day long

  9. How did you get permission to film?

  10. All the factories produce multiple brands. The cigars being sorted are
    monte 2’s.

  11. I could watch these lovely woman work all day

  12. Predominantly size as the color sorting is performed before this step.

  13. This is Montecristo.

  14. that’s the montecristo factory

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