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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Inception 518 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Why isn’t there a slang for, medium to full body?

  2. at least once a day. This guy lives cigars.

  3. Got you!!!

  4. Bryan you left your cheesy 70’s porn filter on your camera again. We really
    know what is smooth in your mouth now. HAHA just kidding love yuh brother.

  5. I guess he had some weed before smoking a cigar

  6. Welcome to La Florida.. where the fog is a thick as our marinara. Bryan has
    reach the next level.

  7. How much do you smoke in a week and in a day? Thank you

  8. Steamy Florida !

  9. @axelarthuro123 Bryan smokes around 20 cigars per week

  10. That’s strange that you got no pepper or zing with this stick…. I
    reviewed the same one a few months ago, and to me, it had too much spice
    (mostly at the back of the throat)

  11. Great video! (as always)

  12. Send him a sample… then he would be gladly review one.

  13. That’s what she said…boom! Love you Bryan you read my mind

  14. How many cigars do you smoke weekly?

  15. First (I have never been the first comment). Great review by the way! Keep
    them coming 🙂

  16. I won a sampler from Inception after watching your robusto review. I hate
    to be negative but all if the ones in the sampler were horrible. They all
    started good, but by the end of the first third, there was a strong cat
    piss ammonia smell and the taste went to… Well it tasted like burning
    plastic smells if that makes sense. Couldn’t get beyond the first third on
    a single one I received. Maybe bad batch? I dont know but very

  17. you should try smoking a cigar blind folded. Sounds difficult but maybe
    seeing the cigar might affect how you think it tastes. Just and Idea. Take

  18. Bryan.. are you doing a “before and after” for your healthy living? Slowly
    but surely shrinking man is great.

  19. That’s what she said?

  20. Just wondering if you have ever made a top 10 video of your favorite
    cigars. I’m pretty new to cigars but I love it. I just bought my first
    humidor and would appreciate your insight on what to fill it up with.

  21. Nobody has done a video review on the cao hurricane. Since you are the man
    on this here tube as it pertains to the stogie, i thought I would ask you
    to do one!!!!

  22. Great review as always. You shaved! 0.0

  23. Great video as always

  24. best mature “first” I’ve ever seen. Bravo.

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