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In-Depth Review: Cob Cigar & Spectre Tobacco

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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New Bones Review:

Let’s take a closer look at the new Cob Cigar, which pairs fittingly with the award winning cigar-pipe blend Spectre. The Cob Cigar is fun, unique, and well-designed–but DOES have a couple limitations you should know before buying

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  1. good review, I have one and really enjoyed the couple of smokes I've had from it… as for your issues, use a wind-cap (both for the wind and keep the ashes in the chamber)… problem solved!

  2. Great review!. Consider picking up a tin of Latakia and a tin of of Cigar leaf (C&D or McClelland, both great brands) and mixing your own. Personally, I found 40% Latakia (2 grams) and 60% Cigar leaf (3 grams) makes a very pleasant smoke. The nice thing about blending your own, you blend to your taste…

  3. Great review – thanks! I've got 4 tins of this coming (at the price, I couldn't resist), and I plan on cellaring them for quite a while to see how they age…

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