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imco 6600 / 6700 / 6800 lighter vs zippo light and how to tell a fake whats the best for preppers

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imco 6600 6700 6800 lighter vs zippo light and how to tell a fake whats the best for preppers / shtf / wrol / doomsday plus imco spark light IMCO Triplex Super 6700 Lighter
by the black bear prepper

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  1. Every time people making videos say: as you can see – the focus is not sharp, and the picture is smuged ūüė¨

  2. I think he was in the movie hangover

  3. I have a IMCO SUPER¬†700 Chinese copy…easy to tell….on the bottom it says¬†¬† << COMES OF VIENNA AUSTRIA >>>>¬†¬†¬† I guess they used google translator¬†to save a few dollars

  4. hm, in my experience, zippos dont work as well in the cold as bics do. Back in my stoner days, it was impossible to smoke on a winter day with a zippo.

  5. well i have 2 imco lighter, i think they are fake because they have the chinese instruction and the chinese imco legendary lighter box and the price too (11bucks each)
    but they seems legid too because they have all marking correct and the flint window have the good size to put a 2nd flint inside.
    they all light sat the first strike. their wick seems to be old style full cotton wick so im kinda puzzled if they are fake or very good quality repro.
    but i m so happy about them.

  6. Hey Black Bear I just got one of the 6700s from Amazon delivered. It says IMCO "COME OF VIENNA AUSTRIA" on the bottom and when you open the compartment it DOES say 'IMCO PAT." on the Flint slider, and a spare Flint DOES fit in the compartment. It comes in a box with a big sticker that says Made in China and the instructions are written entirely in Chinese characters. The instructions do say "DESIGN IN AUSTRIA." Seems to work fine but does not stand up on a table without wobbling and the steel feels very sharp at the corners and kind of cheap. The lighter is also very light, but I am used to a Zippo Armor model. So these are basically officially made in China now, not a Chinese knock-off masquerading as a real IMCO, it's a Chinese made IMCO. What gives? Is this a BLATANT knockoff using the company's name or is it original made this year BY IMCO but in China??? Thanks.

  7. Hey Blackbear, i just wanted to ask you how you clean and maintain you IMCO's. I collect first and second world war lighters and have just bought a german ww2 streamline, but becuase everything is so contained and packed in I can't access the spoke tomake sure its clean. also the flick catch is really stiff, so i wanted to give it some WD40 but wondered whether it would effect performance? kind regards from the UK

  8. Can you please demonstrate how to make and apply the rubber seals for the Zippos?

  9. you can technically adjust a zippo by changing the length of the exposed wick

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