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Illusione Epernay Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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  1. Cabaiguan 46 and Belicoso, consistent. Illusion cg4 (White Horse) any time
    any where, pairs well with brews, liquor, and coffees.

  2. New Classics: 1) Oliva Serie V 2) Alec Bradley Tempus 3) Rocky Patel – Edge
    Maduro All of these are widely available, reasonably priced, and
    consistently great. I usually don’t buy boxes of these, but somehow, I
    always have some in my humidor. How does that happen?

  3. The Illusione alpha-omega is my fav. Keep up the great vids!

  4. Hello Teresa I had a question Im fairly new to cigar smoking and I noticed
    in all your videos that you have a really bright smile, so my question is
    what precausions do you take for oral care, is there any specific product
    or routine that can allow me to enjoy cigar smoking for a longer time? Hope
    to hear back from you thank you – Dave

  5. A great cigar for people that are new to cigars or the most discerning
    cigar aficionado

  6. i have yet to try that stick.. i found that i have similar tastes to you in
    smokes so looks like I would like this ….will give it a try.

  7. Genesis The Project by Ramon Beuso. A Great new comer to the industry. If
    you have not tried it yet, you should! It’s a med-full bodied smoke with a
    great blend of flavors. One of my new favorites.

  8. I 3 you!

  9. Habano and Conn Nubs!

  10. Nice. I’ve enjoyed just about everything from Dion, but I don’t smoke the
    Illusiones nearly enough!

  11. Just gorgeous

  12. My Father Le Bijou 1922, New Classic

  13. ..and balance. Ok I’ll shut up now…

  14. Id also add that while I truly love big bold full bodied cigars I think the
    industry has cross over to the point of ridiculous at this point. So many
    over the top ligero bombs that are so unbalanced now. So while I love my
    1926s and family reserves and cojonus and dirty rats, to me the true mark
    of a great blender is seen when you see what he can do with seco primings
    and or if he can make a strong cigar that doesn’t really occur to you how
    strong it is when you smoke it because of the flavor a

  15. Very happy to see you back

  16. When I first getting into cigars 7 years ago, I came across Don Pepin and
    Tatuaje. I always come back the their smokes. One of my favorites is the My
    Father Le Bijou Toro. What a great cigar, that will always be in my humidor
    along with othe Pepin blends.And Teresa what size in the Epernay line are
    you smoking? I enjoy the Le Grande and Le Monde.

  17. Couldn’t agree more. A staple for me in both the petite corona size and the
    corona extra size for sunday mornings. Perfect with milk coffee or
    champagne. Dion is just an amazing guy and these are truly classic cigars
    as you say. The HL is also one of my two go to lanceros, the other being
    the original broadleaf El Triunfador

  18. Ave Maria. One of my favorites. It has a great balance of strength and

  19. Ahahahahahha your back yessssssssssssss

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