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Humidor Tour – 2017

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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People seem to enjoy these humidor tours, so here is an update! About once a year, I reorganize and take informal stock of the sticks I have on hand. I’m a smoker, not a collector. Every cigar you see will be burned and enjoyed at some point… guaranteed. Cheers, all!

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  1. great video. jealous you still have the AB New York, I love that stick.

  2. Nice review. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Nice collection buddy. geaux tigers sorry had to lol

  4. Dude, you've lost so much weight. If I remember correctly from another vid, thought the plan was to build and add muscle?

  5. Always nice to see the inventory! Cheers brother

  6. If you stopped buying cigars today, how long do you think this collection would last you before you ran out of cigars?

  7. Great collection! Always nice to see what others have and to then look to try something new.

  8. Nice Collection and music who's the artist.

  9. I'm thinking about getting a wineador because my humidor is always like 76 degrees

  10. Yes! I need to do another humidor tour maybe. I have not smoked much though

  11. That cigar with the blue cloth band is a "pre release" Las Mareas from crowned heads. I still have a box of them. They make them now with a normal style band. It's a favorite of mine.

  12. Great collection¡ I really like to watch this humidor tour videos.

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