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Humidor Tour 2017 Summer Part 1

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Charles Walhingoford guides you though his Table Top Humidor and NewAir CC 100 cigar cooler. You will see cigars from Tatuaje, Arturo Fuente and Alec Bradley.


  1. Hahaha held nothing back on that last stick. Gotta respect that. Subscribed.

  2. Just discovered your channel, really trying to pick up this relaxing hobby. After mowing my lawn.

  3. Your Ralph Collection is serious!

  4. That's good to know regarding the Gurkha Ghost as a disappointment, as that's one I've been interested in trying. I find Gurkha's to be hit or miss. I enjoy the Gurkha Cellar which is the last Gurkha I tried. You and I are also fans of AJ Fernandez smokes as I can see. Nice show, Charles!

  5. Please to recommend a quality humidor. I got mine for thirty dollars, and have to constantly re-season it every few weeks, not to mention it doesn't regulate heat too well…

  6. Wow… your collection has really grown!! How many do sticks do you smoke a week?

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