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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Humidor Tour: 2015 Update

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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See what have currently stocked and ready to smoke! Let me know if you see anything you’d like to see reviewed!

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  1. Don't the flavors and aromas get transferred to all the cigars when they sit in your humidor with no cellophane?

  2. Nice collection
    Also great taste in music! Took me a sec to realize it was the Beatles at the beginning

  3. That tatuaje black label robusto is an event only that comes in a 3 pack. That cigar is probably the best thing you have in all your humidors right now. Smoke it!

  4. Just a heads up the luchador has no Kentucky fire cured tobacco in them. His Leccia blacks are the ones that use the kfc. Also that tatuaje Black label is the original release corona gorda that came out around 2007. That manager must realllyyyy like you.

  5. Wow nice collection.

  6. Fantastic collection, I am envious!

  7. +1 for the MOW Puro Authentico and Ramon Bueso Genesis. Great smokes!

  8. The lancero is Eastern Standard by Caldwell

  9. Getting a look into another mans humidor is like having a fisherman show you where he catches his biggest fish, it's definitely and honor and a treat. Hell of a collection Kirk. Do you sample out of all three humidors pretty often or do you use two of them for mostly long-term aging? You kept talking about the AB Tempus so I finally couldn't fight the temptation anymore and drove all the way to Prescott (45 miles) to the only descent B&M in my area and bought an AB Lineage $6.99, an AB Tempus $9.99, and a Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary $9.99. I smoked the AB Lineage first, that thing was super harsh and tasted like ammonia, aluminum and a 9V battery. I tried a retro-hale because apparently I was the last person on earth that hadn't done it yet…. needless to say I burned the shit out of my nasal cavity and threw up in my mouth a little. So a few days later while house sitting for my sister I went out on the back porch just as the sun was going down, kicked back on a lounge chair, the lineage fiasco still fresh in my mind, and thought F'-it, lets get back on this bucking bronco. So I slid the Tempus out of its cellophane and lit it up. It was everything you said it was and more. I haven't developed a mature palette when it comes to picking out flavors when I'm tasting a cigar, my taste buds are still as confused as a baby in a topless bar. People around me are saying "Hey, I taste this, Hey, I taste that", while I just nod like I have Parkinson's. BUT, for the first time with the Tempus I can honestly say I tasted something, something that I can describe with words, Graham Crackers and an Einstein's sourdough bagel. The Tempus had a loose draw but holy monkey lovin' hell, that without a doubt was one of the most pleasurable things I've done (with my clothes on 🙂 all year. Tempus you are my new best friend. Thanks for the suggestion Kirk.

  10. Nice collection. I tried to start collecting cigars but my problem, I smoke them faster than I can buy them! I was lucky to have tried a few of those from the giveaway you had. I am still very appreciative of wining them and enjoyed them all. Like you say Opus X is a little underwhelming. Cheers Kirk!

  11. MOW is a puro authenico AJ's personal blend love those, the lancero is a Caldwell eastern standard my favorite Connecticut, and the Tatuaje is a black label Corona Gordo love those too, great collection

  12. Nice collection man. I really like the Bueso Genesis and the Bueso Habano. Good cigars at a great price. One thing that surprised me about your collection is that I thought you would have more Serie V's. I know that you love that blend from watching your vids… Have a good one!

  13. You have a lot of variety like I do. I seem to buy my cigars based on pairings. We have similar taste. Great collection. Cheers!

  14. Let me know if you see anything that you would like me to review!

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