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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cigar Review

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Hoyo de Monterrey, Epicure No.2

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  1. So glad you are reviewing cuban cigars more often these days! That being said, have you had those strange "Cuban experiences" where a specific stick delivered out of this world aroma and taste and then some day smoked the exact same stick again and it was non even remotely as amazing as the one before?

    This is so amazing sometimes. When you buy cigars that are coming from NC or dom rep you usually get what you pay for, when you buy lots of Cuban cigars you might have this "lottery" feeling where there are certain sticks that might be among the best cigars you've ever smoked and then some sticks that are simply horrible on every level.

  2. wow I actually started with this cigar it's very nice but I love something strong so I went with Cohiba. thanks

  3. Are you finding Cubans to be vastly better or comparable to some of the finer Nicarauguans or others?

  4. Wonderful review! This is my favourite cigar from Cuba. I typically get them as tubos. Loads of cedar as well as some coffee and dark chocolate on my tasting notes.

  5. Do you think the ability for a cigar smoker in the US to now be able to bring Cuban cigars home, will result in the cost of Cubans to rise?

  6. My Cuban stick of choice when I was in Cuba. I prefer the Epicure Especial it's just a bigger ring gauge. The double Corona is fantastic too. Great review as always.

  7. Interesting history and delicious sounding stick! Could the spongy feeling be due to RH? I've been told Cuban cigars are best kept at 65%. As always, awesome review!!

  8. it's a beautiful looking stick!

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