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How windproof is it?

Posted by in Lighter Review

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In this video I test various lighters to see just how windproof they are. Overall I was pretty surprised at the results to be honest.

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  1. Bic lighters will instantly go out on a windy day, that toy fan does a bad
    job trying to replic a windy day outside lol.

  2. Please tell me, where did you buy the toy fan?

  3. I wish they did a butane zippo that wasn’t a blow torch, something with a
    flame like the bic IMHO would be the perfect lighter, any suggestions would
    be much appreciated.

  4. Do u even smoke bro?

  5. You can blow out a zippo…

  6. its going out because you move the fan toward it and it wasnt toward it

  7. Zippo lighter is the best..;) look my videos..

  8. subbed

  9. Why not try the coldmens tempest wind proof lighter

  10. You are such a pussy

  11. DAAAAAANG!!!!!! I so want that last one

  12. where i live 90%of the time the wind is so bad i cant get a bic to do that
    same thing unless i shield it all around and it harldy lasts long enought
    to light a firecracker not even close to a cigarette. So these tests were a
    little inconclusive for my situation.

  13. you suck

  14. Hey just shooting an idea out. What if u tested how much longer a full
    zippo lighter will last vs a bic.

  15. *you should add a match

  16. a bic will definitely light your cigarette on a windy rainy day??!! AHAHA
    thats funny… 

  17. You 

  18. Yeah I couldn’t imagine real world conditions getting any worse that little
    bitty fan.

  19. You tested all the lighters using the exact sequence EXCEPT the zippo
    classic. All the others lighters you turned the fan on first blew the fan
    on the lighter as you tried to trigger them. BUT with the zippo at the
    end, you flick the lighter first then turned on the fan. Not a fair
    comparison test IMO.

  20. Where did you get those lighters with the blue flame

  21. the blazer spitfire can be found on amazon for around 40 dollars I believe
    or their is also an I think 11 dollar version made by honest which Is
    basically the same exact thing. it is also on deal extreme for around the
    same price. just search for it on youtube and/or watch the youtube review
    by BuyLighters. this is in response to the comment you replied to me about
    2 months abo, sorry. Anyways, thanks, I think you should check it out and I
    hope to see more videos from you very soon!

  22. i got half way through this video and said out loud. “why in the fuck am i
    watching this”

  23. why did you hav the gloves there 

  24. i was thinking that you have alot of lighters you can show us how to use
    and refil them

  25. You should start to teach us some tricks with zippo classic 🙂 just an idea

  26. Pleade can you test and review the blazer spitfire

  27. Steve jobs died in 2011

  28. nice

  29. What is it? How would I get ahold of it? I’ll definitely do it if I can get
    one. Sounds interesting.

  30. It’s a basic 10-cent one from the dollar store. Nothing more. It was cheap,
    and it spun pretty quick, and it was small enough to get on camera.

  31. Your comparing zippo wich is designed to bewind proof and uses a different
    fuel,torches and a disposable bic lighter with a cheap fan that is not as
    strong as wind.

  32. I agree

  33. Sounds more like it made your health even worse. That Zippo is killing you!

  34. Nice video! thanks.

  35. It’s a basic 10-cent one from the dollar store. Nothing more. It was cheap,
    and it spun pretty quick, and it was small enough to get on camera.

  36. Am I the only one thinking what fan you use?

  37. U take the metal piece off

  38. I’m subbing you because you seem like a really nice and respectable
    YouTuber. You really care about your subs, that lighter giveaway kind of
    touched me, lol.

  39. Zippo = Boss.

  40. “Child safe”

  41. bull my bic goes out or doesnt even light when theres a gentle breeze

  42. hey first vid of urs ive watched but a good new lighter ive seen is the USB
    charged torch doesnt take fuel all power comes from charging it on a USB
    deff check it out its a good handy lighter and hard to put out

  43. i was about to say, why the fuck is a video about wind in my feed? then i
    saw it referring to lighters. i use lighters to light green to make me
    happy (:

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