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How To Taste The Most Flavors From A Cigar

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How To Taste The Most Flavors From A Cigar – Do you try to smoke a cigar only to get no distinct flavor? This goes through all my tips and tricks on how to smoke or maximum effect. You should be able to get out of this how to smoke and detect all the distinct flavors of whatever you are enjoying. Learn how to retrohale here:

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  1. Loved the advice of BREATHING whilst smoking. Honestly, never realised I was holding my breath…thank you brodda.

  2. Great video.Personally I do recieve different flavours. However the tip you gave on breathing whilst inhaling has massively increased the flavours I recieve.Thanks

  3. One big puff every 30 seconds to a minute ! If I wait a min. sometimes i double puff. Like Brian says you do not have to "retro hale". After 20 years of cigars I do it about 4 times a stick. I get all i need by keeping the smoke in my mouth for a few. Smelling a cigar is a great start ! Also a dry in hale (you will taste more)
    Brian, 95% Humidity in Florida, 44% here in Lancaster Ca. We all have to do what we have to do!

  4. When people drink liquor, the distinction of flavors get skipped due to alcohol taking over. A swish of water in the mouth bring back you're palate. Also, there are always some in the crowd that just want that image of looking proper in their zuit suit. Perhaps the 9% are by people forgetting it's an experience of tasting than being in a classy environment.

  5. Yes i can taste some flavors . Not all you get. Coffee etc. 20 year smoker. Thank You. Love wine with my gars also coffee. Water works as well. One min. per puff , max .

  6. I agree, I smoked for a year before I was told about retro hailing. I always tasted flavors it just really intensified them and added some more refine flavors that I didn’t taste before. I think retro hailing is key and do it all the time, every puff.

  7. My biggest problem was drawing too often and too hard. The cigar just tastes bitter. But if you slow down and draw more gently it tends to improve the flavor.

  8. You have helped me immensely to taste a cigar more!!!

  9. I've been smoking for years and in the past couple of years I've had issues with my sinuses. These issues have inhibited my ability to retro hale and it has affected my taste to a certain extent. I've since had to practice movements with my mouth and tongue to get the most out of the flavors.

  10. I want to thank you for this video. Honestly, just as you mentioned, even though I never really fully got lots of taste from cigars, I did enjoy the event of them. Going to new lounges, stores, collecting them, geeking out on gear etc. I also have an extremely deviated septum, and I can still taste foods and what not, but never really found finer tastes in things. Your tip on continue breathing while inhaling has made a WORLD of difference. Today was the first time I got more nuance flavors out of my stick, and it opened up a whole new experience for me. Just wanted to thank you for the tip!

  11. I had no idea you we're supposed to breath while drawing the cigar. I could only taste the obvious flavors befoee, but now I can taste the nuances. Thanks

  12. One to Two draws per minute and you can smoke a stick down to the "nub".I do a double draw (push out the old smoke) then take a big draw. Have been doing the same thing on tight 'gars for over 20 years. Just smoked a Romeo Y Jul.Med de oro meduro 5×60 (approx) 1.hour 30 mins. Never got hot. Not much smoke until the last third. ALWAYS give your cigar a little squeeze to make sure your stick is not to hard or to soft.

  13. A lot of cigars taste very similar to me, sometimes I can pick out small differences in flavor and strength. I definitely know when I'm smoking a stale (or improperly humidified) cigar though, they're terrible. If the cigar is fresh and well maintained/aged, I will most likely enjoy it. Btw, cigars have a LOT of nicotine content, it's absorbed by the mouth and not by the lungs (if you're inhaling cigar smoke, you're doing it wrong, and you're sadistic), so the addiction effect is not the same as it would be if the nicotine were absorbed by the lungs.

  14. Great video and breathing tip

  15. Great vid Bryan. I learned several pointers  to enhance flavors. I have found I really need to concentrate as I smoke to detect subtle notes of flavor.  Also after the smoke is blown out, if I keep clicking my tongue off my upper palate or roof of my mouth, I can really start to get some back flavors…even a minute or so after I've blown the smoke out.  The flavors occur not so much when the smoke is min my mouth but after. That's when
    I can taste the toasted almond, coffee etc…

  16. Wow i thought i could taste but i was doing it wrong. I tried these methods and it really made a difference

  17. I just get the pepper zing….and tobacco….unless it's infused

  18. Ask them if they can taste food

  19. I would also like to add that if you are an avid smoker that only smokes cigars when paired with alcohol prior to developing a sense of different flavors then you are not enjoying your cigar with a drink, your enjoying your drink with a cigar. Part of learning how to pair cigars to different beverages is having the ability to recognize what flavors the cigar offers and then tasting those flavors joined in a pairing. Good luck!

  20. God i hope this works! I can not even taste java mint… it tastes like a burning hay bail

  21. yup yup I quit smoking cigs 3 yrs ago and had to stop cigars too cause I kept want cigs afterwards I started smoking cigars again a couple of months ago and WOW what a difference in everything!! Just imagine eating pasta sauce and being able to taste parsley AND garlic. Most days I only catch the most prominent flavors but that is still way better than 3 yrs ago. Thanx for the video B.G. you are my go-to guy on Youtube!!!

  22. I am a newbie to the Cigar world but I can taste some different flavours but I have a very select options for me at our local smoke shops. So I have mostly tried Non Cubans and cheaper cigars.

  23. Hold on if I breathe through my nose while I draw won't I inhale????

  24. The holding your breath thing was me until I watched this yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the flavors in a Laranja. Just in time!!!!

  25. Wow,mind blown.every single thing i do wrong.thank you

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