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How to store your cigars?

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Tutorial on how to store your cigars, how to take care of your cigar humidor? Humidor maintenance, how to choose a humidor? How to calibrate a hygrometer? Ho…

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  1. This was good except that he did not talk about the most important question
    for me….which is do you leave the cigar in its plastic wrapping or not? 

  2. Stay away from glass tops imo, just more chances for it to leak. Also if
    you have 25 cigars get a 150+ count because you’ll be buying more soon :D

  3. As a complete newbie, I’m noticing I enjoy the ambient taste of cedar in my
    cigars then the cigars themselves. Any input appreciated.

  4. I have a seven cigar humidor with a hydrometer. Is that any good?

  5. ok i have a humidor like the one you used in this video with the two
    windows in the front and the one on the top my humidor stays between 68-75
    i have a digital in and the reugular hydrometer on the front so you say
    once a month i should go thru the process of cleaning it..oh and i live in
    florida need to come by your store

  6. can i just keep my cigars in my bedroom drawers? i had kept a romeoyjulieta
    in my bedroom drawer for 2 months, smoked it and it was still good.

  7. Sounds like to much fuckin work haha

  8. thanks for making this vedio

  9. I like the distillwater use in a medium size humidor and the cool nest that
    gives the humuidor a great smell and teast of the cigar.

  10. Can you do more than one hydrometer? I have three that I need to do, can I
    do them at the same time in one bag? 

  11. I do believe that if you don’t do this, you will ruin a cigars. They’re
    some sensitive little bastards. Lol

  12. Sounds like too much ill stick to my dip & chew

  13. I bought some Xikar gel crystals and I was wondering if I should use the
    green foam humidifier and the crystals or just the crystals?

  14. @CanecaProductions You would need 2 packets for a 50-cigar humidor

  15. Regular table salt should be used.

  16. You can reuse the Boveda packet as long as it is used within 60-90 days of

  17. The problem with full humidor is that you have no air circulation. In order
    to have the same humidity level in all places of the humidor, you need air
    circulation, plus it will help age your cigars. That’s the main reason we
    recommend larger humidor.

  18. i live in managua, nicaragua and it is very hot where i live. what can i do
    to keep the temp down it is always around 80 to 90 at times. and the
    electric bill over there are very expensive to keep the ac on all day.
    thank you for any advise.

  19. What if your in maryland and the weather here is just dumb and is always

  20. You are correct, you can not use too much distilled water or you can damage
    the wood, using a towel with water should be done very carefully and towel
    should be lightly wet. Gel jar is good but it will keep your humidity at no
    more than 70%. For proper seasoning, it’s suggested that humidity reach
    80-85% RH for a couple of weeks. We suggest adding a cup of water inside
    your humidor or other humidification device that does not limit the RH. You
    may also use a Boveda seasoning Packet.

  21. Any particular type of salt?

  22. Just looking at that store I can imagine how good it smells

  23. Yes, leaving it in a room with A/C will remove the moisture from the air
    and the humidity will go down. You can also buy a dehumidifier in your
    case, they can be found here in any hardware store and that will help you
    remove some of the humidity.

  24. I think I’ve kept the cigars for about 4 -5 months like that, and I suspect
    (but not sure) they don’t taste the same …

  25. avoid glass tops!

  26. This is an important point and the biggest reason the lid should be snug,
    not airtight. Also the biggest reason Im not a fan of coolidors.

  27. Living in the Caribbean, the temp in my humidor rarely falls below 80* I
    find that they smoke best around 66% but its all personal preference I

  28. To be honest – it’s not too bad…Just the initial start up is a bit time
    consuming (seasoning the humidor, getting the hygrometer calibrated), but I
    must say that I really enjoy the end result – my own 50 count humidor with
    my favorite sticks, and a cold beer.

  29. thank you for the reply but it was not what my question was. I’m buying a
    thermo electric wine cooler now can i keep my humidor box in that there to
    keep the temp. down?

  30. I put a digital hydrometer at the bottom of this humidor, and I have an
    analogue at the top. The digital one reads between 57-60%, while the
    analogue 70% (it is right above the 75% humidipack). I did calibrate both,
    and when I put the digital one inside a glass jar with the 75% humidipack
    and close it with a tight lid I get the exact constant 75% reading. Should
    I just through away thus humidor and store my cigars in a big glass jar
    rather? Any danger to the cigars from doing this?

  31. Hello, you should use 2- packet for that size humidor. Chris


  33. Thanks for the great information and tips you gave, I’ve just recently
    started a collecting cigars and your vid was really helpful.

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