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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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How To Store More Cigars In Your Tower Humidor…

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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  1. i wouldnt add any more trays then that, keep in mind the cigars still need room to breath. also why is your humidity so high? you should probably bring that down, i wouldnt want to see an update video titled "i lost all my cigars to mold" 😛

  2. In a lot of your videos you mention you trade for a lot of the things you collect. I would love to see a video about how you (or anyone else reading this) goes about this and various resources you use. I have lots of hobbies like you from cigars and guns to funko pops and buying things retail sure gets expensive lol.

  3. Do you have a current favorite cigar Jeff?

  4. You haven't done an edc update for awhile

  5. Do people who collect cigars when they get rid of them smoke them

  6. do you save the bands for your favorite cigars I notice you have lose bands in the top drawer

  7. i dont have any cigars, does this work with blunts?

  8. I'm sure you've probably answered this at some point, but do you still have that coffee table/humidor?

  9. so are you going to have a story time about that bb gun war , are you going to review the air gun we haven't seen

  10. you really don't want to stuff them completely full. You'll have humidification problems with swings top to bottom. Your best bet is to just buy airtight tupperware or coolers if you have a large overstock. Cheaper even than buying trays.

  11. Sweet Jeff, what would you recommend for first cigar?

  12. i would like to see your pipes stand or rack video, nice video as always

  13. damn, jeff. livin' the good life! good on ya.

  14. do you freeze and then thaw your cigars in the fridge before putting them up in the humidor? I had a small bit of tobacco bugs a while back and want to avoid that experience again!

  15. 5th comment. like the video! thought it was cigarobsessions at first

  16. Do you remember the video you made saying this hobby wasn't for you? How things change.

    Edit: This wasn't meant to be a negative comment, not sure what all the fuss is about, peoples interests change. And I'm not a cigar smoker but still enjoy the video's.

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