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HOW TO SMOKE your first cigar!! (f. Ashton Cabinet)

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  1. i have had parts of expensive cigars after smoking pot for a while. While on vacation my friend bought me and him black and mild and i enjoyed the prospect of smoking with another guy but the black and milds werent the best thing ever… at all. So im going to be buying a pack from you guys to show him a good time.

  2. Great sale guys, appreciate it!

  3. My first cigar was an Acid Blondie Blue label (the one Bradley smoked first last video). I've only been smoking for about a year and a half but it's the best decision I've made.

  4. I wander, Since I have never smoked anything in my life. how bad will my first Cigar actually be?? very curious…

  5. Ashton Cabinet was actually my first Cigar.

  6. Am 9 and 1 haff yeers old, tring tomorow

  7. My first cigar was rough, I had a dark leaf with very strong flavor…I inhaled too much and ended up throwing up it was rough but I got cigars down

  8. You guys are the best cigar smokers I've seen in a while I love your cigars, I have one of my friends had one and I tried it. I think it was the ammo. And it was good.

  9. my first was a dutch master and it was not bad. after that I stared smoking rocky patal, ashton, camacho, acid, my father, and others.

  10. My first cigar was actually a very nice, piney tasting Cuban. I loved it so much.

  11. started with a liga privada no. 9 with my best buddies.

  12. My first cigar was a Dutch masters vanilla over 10 years ago. My father busted my balls so bad lol. By the way he's very much enjoying your fish sticks cigars. Thank you

  13. You two should switch seats..just once

  14. I watched a video that said that the color of the wrapper didnt mean it was stronger or weaker

  15. Man! I just picked a Cigar for the first time in a long while last night. This video is exactly what I needed this weekend. Only ever had a few in my life, but really looking to get into Cigars now. Thanks guys.

  16. Nobody likes a Topper Have a good smoke. 🚬

  17. Just bought this pack, excited to try it. You guys have over doubled your subscribers in a short few months. Well deserved.

  18. My first cigar was a swisher sweet

  19. I got you guys on Facebook you guys are badass I love you all

  20. Can't wait to smoke mine cause I don't see them as bad I think that you should enjoy the cigar and appreciate what it stands for

  21. Hey Hey Hey no ball hitting…..Just set his beard on fire lol….. I am new to the natural cigar world myself. My first was an Acid and loved it. Now getting more into the Rocky Patel sticks and Perdomo's sun grown. I did have my first Padron 1964 Anniversary yesterday but Jesus at that freaking price it better come home and cook me a meal or 3 and do a few other things I will not mention…….

  22. I'm turning 19 in August and I'm really eager to start smoking cigars

  23. This will be my first time smoking cigars. Just ordered a pack, will let you guys know how it goes!

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