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How To: Smoke Cigars for Beginners || Top 5 || Gent’s Lounge 2018

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Want to smoke cigars with your buddies but don’t have a clue? We got your back.

– Brands to look for: Arturo Fuente, Padron, Romeo & Julieta, Montecristo, Rocky Patel
– How to select the cigar? Light vs Dark (Claro vs Maduro)
– What to expect when you smoke it? It may Burn the throat. Typically can mean its not a high-quality cigar, but not always.
– Never inhale! You can expect to be light-headed in the begging, but it also may be because you’re puffing the cigar too fast and hard.
– Ideally, you want a bigger gauge cigar (Robusto) and slightly longer in the begging as the smoke will be less hot and easier to handle.
– Take your time smoking cigars, if you’re smoking one of the recommended it should take you 30 minutes Minimum!

Check out our friends over at Puro Trader for more cigar knowledge:


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  1. I'm going to disagree with the color of the whiskie(y) theory. Color does never indicate the strength of a whiskey. Many of distilleries add artificial coloring to their products. Peaty whiskey tend to be really light in color, would you call them light and easy to drink? Nope.

  2. My brother and I love to chill and have a good smoke. Way better than a cigarette anyhow

  3. More cigar videos ! This is awesome 🙂

  4. So smoking cigars & drinking makes you a man? LOL

  5. Unfollowing. No point being subscribed to a couple of idiots who think you can "smoke in moderation".

  6. Nat Sherman, Rocky Patel, Padron

  7. Love the shirt. Thats a dope shade of blue. Where's it from?

    Also – Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne is like butter. Highly recommended.

  8. What are the adverse effects of cigar smoking compared to cigarette smoking?

  9. Yall are clearly beginners yourselves.

  10. George what watch did you have on at 0:10

  11. Good tip about the size of the cigar. Never thought of that.

  12. Blake getting some meat in his arms 😂

  13. Ok, i would not offer a newbie either of those cigars i would focus on something mild but with flavor so maybe something like the Drew Estate Undercrown Shade, but i recommend any newbie talk to the tobacconist and ask questions they want to help you, don't go in there acting like you know whats up and you don't that is worse then just asking for help

  14. The color of the wrapper leaf has little to nothing to do with the overall strength of whatever cigar you are smoking. Typically the lightest leaf is a connecticut leaf and the darkest leaf is oscuro. When I am asked for a great starter cigar I normally point people to something light on strength but medium on flavor, like an Oliva O. Or if I enjoy their company, I'll give them a Davidoff 3000.

  15. I made a mistake a couple of moths ago. I started with cohiba behike 56 and I liked it, but I'm absolutely sure I didn't get all the flavour out of it.

  16. Caring so much about what other people think of you seems like it opposes the idea of being a 'man.'

  17. I'm in canada so i always go with a cuban cigar. Hoyo de Monterey is my favourite brand so far. I have had Padron and Rocky Patel. Also very good.

  18. Great video guys! Way better than your first one. Love the hat George..

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