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How to smoke cigars & drive…WITHOUT the smell after!

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I’ve gotten lots of questions about how to deal with the smoke smell in your car or truck. In this video I’ll show you some great ways to stamp out that smokey smell.

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  1. Love, it's what makes it a Subaru, and a little bit of cigar smoke 😂

  2. Good information regarding recirculating air. I smoked a Montecristo White Series on the way home the other day. Smoking a well constructed cigar that holds it ash well prevents dropping ash in the car.

  3. Carpet freshener (powder). Let it sit 15 minutes and then vacuum it out.

  4. How does this work in something like a topless jeep?

  5. You’re going to need that Subaru for all the snowfall in Phoenix.

  6. I bought an actual ozone machine from amazon, works like a charm. I use it once every few months and makes my 15 year old Eddie Bauer smell like absolutely nothing…

  7. Driver's window open about 3", back window behind driver open all the way. Only puff while moving.

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  9. Lol I smoke in my big rig every day and I love getting up in my truck and it smells like a walk in humidor.

  10. So a consideration when BUYING a car, is leather seats/interior. My old car had fabric seats and just 2nd-hand smoke from a bar would get sucked in and never escape. While in my new car, I got a leather interior which was a perk at the time, but have since had friends who smoked in the car with me (I don't have enough hands to do it while driving) and the car does NOT smell of cigars, which is wonderful. A side benefit that I'll never got back to fabric again (unless I get one hell of a deal on the next used car).

  11. These tips may help minimize and other cigar smokers might even say they don't smell anything, but there is still a smell. Get a non-smoker in there and they'll smell it instantly. The question is, how important is that to you?

  12. keep a thing of baking soda under your seat it does the same thing as it does in your fridge or freezer

  13. Oh man…I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to this. I used to smoke all kinds of "stuff" in my parents' cars back in my high school days, and I NEVER got caught. The main goal is to AVOID smoke accumulating in your car in the first place, then you won't need to use any of those odor "masking" tips. If you're especially "paranoid" then I would only recommend smoking while on the highway. It's all about air flow/aerodynamics…so if you're in stop-go traffic, then you're allowing the smoke to settle inside the car whenever you're stopped. Either way though, these tips should work flawlessly…
    1. Keep both passenger side windows rolled all the way up.

    2. Roll the driver-side, and BACK driver-side windows down about 1/3 of the way each. This will create a vacuum effect when you're driving, sucking all the air straight out both windows. You can confirm this by sparking a lighter and watching the flame while you're driving, it will literally be going 90 degrees sideways…straight towards the windows. The air flow will most likely be so strong that the lighter won't even be able to stay lit. But that's where the smoke will go as well.

    3. Smoke whatever you have during this time.

    4. When you're done smoking, then roll up the BACK driver-side window all the way. Keep your driver-window the same, but this time…roll down the BACK passenger-side window. This will create a "vortex effect" drawing air in from the driver-side window, circulating throughout the entire car, and clearing all of it out the back passenger side window.

    #4 is kind of optional, just to "clear" all the air in your car. If you haven't cleaned your car in awhile then be careful because dust, papers, receipts, and any other light objects laying around will go flying as well…that's how strong the air flow is. The faster you're going, the stronger the pull.

    And THAT is how it's done….science will never fail you.

    Keep smoking my friends.

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