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How to smoke a tobacco pipe – Prince of Wales pub, Moseley, Birmingham – Sat 22nd June 2013

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Smoking a pipe was common in Britain up to the late 1970s – indeed my own father smoke a pipe. Here’s a chance to get an understanding of the old art of smok…

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  1. Perhaps someone could please tell me why the hell anyone would actually
    decorate/desecrate himself this way? Is there really a point? God didn’t do
    His job sufficiently? It’s widespread, and it’s incredibly stupid. Good
    grief; hideous.

  2. Hey Harry, looks like your god didn’t teach you how to shut your freaking
    trap and respect other individuals personal preferences on what they like.
    I bet your even religious, sitting there judging someone because they’re
    different than your liking. Get a life. 

  3. Can’t help but notice Jabba the Hut in the background.

  4. 19 and getting a pipe, been smoking cigars for a bit now.

    Told my mum and she said: “What the heck Josh, you’re not 80”. I smiled and
    said nothing, just nothing was enough.

  5. I envy the tattooist who did the art work on Paul’s fabulous body !

  6. Strange this comes up on my suggested videos now, after talking to the guy
    in the video I think the next video will be called “”How to take snuff lots
    of snuff”

  7. I smoke pipes throw my asshole.

  8. Looks like Johnny Depp

  9. Very good job!!!

  10. I am separated and soon to be divorced. It is depressing but at least I can
    enjoy good pipe tobacco with out being ordered to go out side. I like Frog
    Morton too.

  11. Such a nervous interview on both parts

  12. I think he did a very good job at explaining pipe smoking. Kudos to this

  13. He’s very good at interviewing 

  14. Awesome! The dude being interviewed is showing how to pack it and the dude
    behind them is showing how to smoke it. Looks like a cool pub. Wish I could
    hang with these guys.

  15. You may need to plan to set aside more than an hour if you are smoking a
    bowl of Mississippi River. This is 1 of the best blends I have ever smoked.
    I had a bowl this morning and it lasted me 1 and 1/2 hours. Awesome from
    the beginning to the end.

  16. Best regards from a fellow pipe smoker from Boston U.S.A. It is rare around
    here to find a place that allows cigar or pipe smoking with a good drink
    without having to go outside. The Italian North End has a great place. A
    few blocks away you can get an inexpensive but awesome Italian dinner and
    then walk over and enjoy a nice merlot and a few bowls of Mississippi
    River or a good cigar or both.

  17. Fuck that guy is ripped

  18. I think pipes are less popular because they require a bit more attention. I
    can easily let a well constructed cigar sit for 2 minutes and it wont go
    out, cant say the same for pipes.

  19. Erica Arborea is a species of heather. Sorry, meant to add that originally.

  20. gotta love the guy…truly loves the art of smoking. yes the T-man.

  21. This was such an awkward feeling interview. It made me chuckle a bit.
    Smoking a pipe is relaxing and delicious.

  22. exactly, you let a cigar go out, you’re proper fucked. With a pipe, it’s ok
    to let it go out and you can return to it when YOU’RE READY. a cigar, NOPE

  23. Let the man speak for crying out loud!

  24. Piper forever! I love my pipes and promote the hobby as much as I can!

  25. Lee is the coolest motherfucka on the planet.

  26. Good video for new smokers. Who was doing the interview and who for? I have
    subscribed. Alan.

  27. Great video! Thanks

  28. What brand of pipe is that he’s got?

  29. Is he from moseley? The pipe man

  30. Nicely done. Touched on all the major points of pipe smoking cleanly and
    concisely. Briar wood is harvested from Erica Arborea root tubers, by the
    way. The roots grow large nodules, some larger than a football (European or
    American), and these are very heat and flame resistant, and very tough, but
    lightweight when cured. That makes them nearly ideal as a pipe material.

  31. very good interview and very informative

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