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How To Smoke A Cigar – #Famous Toro Cigar Review

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Here I am teaching a friend how to smoke a cigar and then we review the #Famous Toro Cigar.

Thank you to Famous Smoke Shop for sending in these samples!

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Honestly, James

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  1. Okay I can understand him being a noob but Jesus he's acting like he's fucking 3 years old man….

  2. Yea bro don't worry nobody noticed that you were holding the cigar backwards at the beginning of the video lol that look on your face was priceless man lol. I enjoyed the video tho

  3. Cute review. You guys still together ?

  4. Who's ready to start a cigar cringe channel

  5. smoking cigar not for people with homosexual interests 🙂

  6. I'd say for a first time cigar, you'd want an Oliva O, Illusione Epernay, or lighter Padron. Not something generic like that. He also shouldn't be rating things until he has a range of experiences so it actually comes off as a valuable review otherwise there's nothing to compare to.

  7. I always knew you were a little silly in the noodle

  8. Great video, want to try one out

  9. You guys have such white teeth. Especially, the Christian dude. He's soooo funny

  10. "You get your cigar lighter"
    proceeds to take out cutter

    good job

  11. You guys are very funny!

  12. the selfies 😂 ha that was a funny vid. u need to have ur friend in ur videos again. good job

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