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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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HOW TO SMOKE A CIGAR and unboxing goodies

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From cutting and lighting to my thoughts on how to smoke. Also a delivery from the illest cigar provider.

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Instagram – @illestcigarprovider

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  1. Great method of lighting your cigar, brother. Excellent video!

  2. Great video man. Lots of cool info.
    Might sound like a weird question, but if you smoking at home, is there any particular music you prefer to kick back to when you’re smoking?
    I would think a good cigar, good drink and a good tune would be pretty sweet.

  3. Great content again Tom, and the fact that I draw close parallels to your Cigar lifestyle with my own will keep me coming back for video after video. I too saw that Robusto collection on IG and am working the wife to buy me it for Christmas 🤶 🎄. Might be an idea to go through Cigar buying such as Singles, Cabinets etc and go through Samplers as a recommendation to newbies to find the flavours and vitola they like. Also a jargon buster video covering ring gauge, leaf wrapper types, lengths.
    Another video could be comparisons between New World and Cubans trying to find a like for like across budget ranges. Budget offerings I might recommend are Camacho and Inka. The Inka was recently thought to be an AVO XO which is twice the price over on CGars channel. A sampling lounge experience video would be good if you could get permission. Maybe at Sautters or Turmeaus Mayfair. Thanks again for your content, Stuart

  4. Excellent advice about cigar smoking model thanks a lot Tom!

  5. Wow!!! I don't know where to begin with the comments on this one, because everything you shared was amazing. Your knowledge of cigars is great and I think anyone wanting to explore of the joy of cigar smoking would definitely learn a lot from you! Yes there are some who can afford to smoke daily, I don't fall under that category, but I love the cigars, and the smoke and the aromas that come from them. I cannot stand cigarettes at all, cigars have aroma, look good, are classy, and cigarettes just plain stink! I am thoroughly enjoying your channel and would enjoy seeing other areas of your life, although it was cigars that brought me to Tom Ford, I'll gladly watch anything else you'd like to share. You said you collect sneakers, well there is a channel that is ALSO about cigars AND incorporates his cigar reviews with sneaker reviews, Sticks N Kicks is the name of his channel. That was a nice bit of cigars you got there. Maybe you can add a cigar a week if you're only smoking about one every week. And I also like the larger ring gauge sticks myself, they just look cool. The ROMEO in Toro 6×54 is largest I've done, but it is an amazing cigar with great flavors and aroma. Thanks for all your great videos. Share a workout video with us sometime or anything in the life of Tom Ford would be welcome. All the best to you. – Rory

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