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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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how to smoke a cigar 2017

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how to smoke a cigar with E.dean cole teaching young men to smoke a cigar . den also explains the top 5 cigar to buy .
trucker brown does daily live feeds to show is trucking exp . vlogging my life is hard but i love it . most trucker youtubber do not drop everyday

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  1. Learn something new everyday. Didn't know bout the routine on the cigar. I used to smoke the Cohiba. Gave all that up 2 decades cold turkey. TB lazy wanting Dean to lite his shit up. Lo wasting butane. Taking forever to lite that cigar. LOL.

  2. man dean showin y'all the high life and I learned a lil bit too

  3. don't inhale you going to be sick trust me

  4. Acid "Kuba Kuba" is a great tasting cigar.

  5. Maduro all the way, LaGloria Cubana Serie R or Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 all day.

  6. I heard that boss man! That lighter thou ,wow! Big Ballers!

  7. Mr . Dean u smoking them cigars too much . Morning time with ur fancy omelette by the pool on holidays . In the S class Benz . 5 star lounges , presidential hotel suites . However great info on cigar life . Hey Canada got legal Cubans …..bang bang

  8. 10.5 million dollars??? HOW THE HELL YALL PULL THAT ONE OFF?? Let us know a little TB. Just a lil bit. 💯

  9. dam this is how you ball

  10. hopefully this for the plug yall just got congratulations man

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