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How to Season Your Acrylic Humidor (ft. Retro Deal)

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  1. Hi. Do I still need to wet the wooden peice if I'm using the Boveda pack?

  2. Can I use the bovida 62% rh pack? Or is that too low?

  3. Hi Bradley.
    I just purchased a acrylic humidor from TNT. I live in Yakima WA where the humidity is low. Which boveda pack would you recommend humidity in my house has been in the low forties. Thanks

  4. I made this same humidor myself for u 15 dollars.

  5. Just bought mine and a boveda 69. Do I need a hygrometer? And also how long do I let it sit before I add cigars?

  6. I had one of those humidification devices but it got mold on it so I traded it for the boveda pack….so much easier!

  7. Jars are easy to get but bradleys got all the sticks

  8. Please tell me you are going to tell us what happened to the bet you two made about the super bowl 😂

  9. Thank you bradley for the video i know i would get lost if i even tried to set this up.👍😎

  10. Great job I've been wondering

  11. Bradley took the L on that bet haha

  12. Do you have to replace the humidifier after it runs out or just soak it in the distilled water again?

  13. Who the F is Taylor Swift?????

  14. Hey Bradley I'm interested in finding out about the mystery cigars I received in the brotherly love pack? Go eagles! Foles making the catch and seeing Brady miss his just tickles me😂 don't mean to rub it in but as always #danawins

  15. I miss the tim and bradley duo:(

  16. Anyone just use a plastic bag with a boveda pack?

  17. i just throw a boveda in there and it's perfectly fine

  18. We need another live show.

  19. Loving the informational videos. Keep up the great work. PS F**k the patriots lol #Danawon

  20. Are you gonna restock your acrilic humidors

  21. What have you done with Dana?????? 😂 😂

  22. You can get those jars on Amazon or Walmart. What I do I add the humidification of my choice and add cedar sheets.

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