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How To Season A Wooden Humidor: Best & Worst Methods For Preparing Your Humidor

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In this video, Paul Anthony and Charles-Philippe discuss the various methods of seasoning a new wooden humidor. Watch this video to find out the best methods for correctly preparing your humidor for storing your cherished cigars.

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The Best & Worst Methods For Seasoning A Humidor:

When you buy a new wooden cigar humidor, it needs to be properly seasoned before you store your cigars. If you do not follow this important process, you can damage your cigars as the wood will absorb the humidity from both your devices and the cigars!

Note that this is only necessary with wooden humidors. For those that prefer cooladors, tupperdors or even Boveda’s Acrylic humidors, this step isn’t necessary.

Over the years, we’ve tried many methods of seasoning humidors, some of which were more successful than others! Learn from our mistakes in this long video where we explain the different ways you can prepare your cigar humidor for storage.

[01:07] Method 1 – Forcing It:

The first and most common mistake that many newcomers to cigars experience is that they don’t necessarily season their humidor but simply throw in their cigars and humidity devices in a brand new humidor.

As novices, we were also guilty of this and would keep adding more packs and gels until the hygrometer read the correct RH level. However, this was detrimental to our cigars’ health as the wood would suck in that moisture from all the contents including the cigars themselves.

Therefore, we can’t stress enough that this method is far from effective and actually poses a huge risk to your cigars!

[04:02] Method 2 – Wipe Down Method:

This is one of the most common and accepted methods of seasoning a cigar. It involves distilled water and a sponge, cloth or towel.

You start by rubbing the interior of humidor and all the shelves with a wet sponge so to moisten the wooden surfaces. You then leave a bowl of distilled water inside the humidor and close it. Afterwards, you leave the humidor for a number of days so that it absorbs all the moisture and is correctly seasoned.

While this method does indeed work and will season your humidor, it is not without its own risks. If you apply too much water, it can damage the wood and cause it to expand. This may damage the seal or make it difficult to open again.

Additionally, you can over-humidify the interior, which can cause mould and other issues.

Furthermore, it’s a messy process and requires distilled water. Using tap water is also risky as this contains chemicals and additives, which may damage the wood or your cigars later one.

[10:12] Method 3 – Boveda Seasoning Packs:

Having discovered Boveda’s seasoning kits, we realised that there is a much easier and safer way for preparing your humidor.

All this requires is a seasoning pack per 25 cigar capacity of your humidor. Therefore, a 100-count humidor needs 4 packs for storage.

Simply place these evenly in the new humidor and close it. You then leave your humidor for two weeks. Once this time has elapsed, you open it again and discard your seasoning packs. The humidor is not ready for storing cigars!

If you already have cigars, you can use Boveda’s storage bags, which offer a better seal than regular zip lock bags.

We hope you liked this video on storing cigars in cellophane. Please like this video and subscribe to our channel for more cigar videos, and much more men’s lifestyle content.

REMEMBER to comment! We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you season your humidor and whether your opinions vary from ours.


The Bespoke Unit Team


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How To Season A Wooden Humidor: Best & Worst Methods For Preparing Your Humidor:

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  1. 14:52…. don't let that man near my humidor if he's using a hydrometer !! That won't do you much good. I'm pretty sure he said hydrometer, not hygrometer.

  2. When reintroducing your cigars do you still need 4 packs per 25 cigar space to maintain the correct humidity or will 1 work?

  3. Just purchased old glory, I'm new to the cigar and humidor life, is the 320 gram mounting plate needed in seasoning the humidor along with the 72% rh boveda packs?

  4. Once a humidor is properly seasoned does it still need a humidifier of some kind inside? For example a Boveda 69 pack.

  5. Classy and educational. Great job guys!

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