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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Wiping down a humidor is one way of seasoning it. However, it shocks the wood and could easily cause the wood to crack or become compromised. I suggest using boveda 84% packs for seasoning. Takes longer but well worth it and know it was done right.

  2. Is once enough or do you have to season it every so often?

  3. Great Info. Thank you! I subbed, and Thumbs up.

  4. How often do you have to do this?

  5. For 40 to 50 cigars in a humidor, how many of those pasts do you need and would you suggest the drymystat sticks and if so how many of them

  6. What do you think about home made humidors I've seen some nice ones what do you think?

  7. This channel is gunna get big

  8. Hey guys. So I've seen in a few other comment threads about seasoning that it doesn't make that big a difference anymore whether you used distilled or filtered tap water because distilled water still has some bacteria in it, such that the benefit is not as great as everyone thinks. Is that true? I keep forgetting to buy distilled water when I'm at the store and would like to get a move on with seasoning.

  9. This is the best video about How to season a humidor! It is so easy to understand!

  10. I have a brand new humidor but the instruction says: "Do not wipe the interior of your humidor with water or any other liquid as it may damage the cedar lining."

  11. why do you put the plastic bag underneath the sponge?

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