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How to Refill an S.T. Dupont Gatsby Lighter

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These are instructions for how to refill an S.T. Dupont Gatsby Lighter with butane. The appropriate S.T. Dupont butane cannisters can be purchased here: http…


  1. does a 3rd party butane refiller work on the nozzle?

  2. Butane liquifies at higher than atmospheric pressure and low temperature.
    I cool my lighter for at least half an hour in the refigerator and warm
    the refill in my hand. The butane flows quickly and completely from the
    warm high pressure container to the cool brass lighter allowing less time
    for leakage while connected and insuring all the butane gets into the

  3. Is the fuel suppose to be constantly coming out from the nozzle. I’ve light
    a match by the nozzle and my ST Dupont was light because of the match.

  4. It is hard to say, but 2-3 weeks is a little on the low side. If you would
    like it inspected, please let us know and we can forward you repair info.

  5. How long does the fuel usually last? Considering average use… The reason
    I ask is because I recently found an old ST Dupont and it lasted only 2-3
    weeks and I didn’t use it that often…. Do you think it’s defective or is
    that normal?

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