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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. ok, how much is it. believe you are in usa ? i am in switzerland. i made
    just now photo of my lighters n wanted to attach this message. however, i
    dont know how i can attach it since i usually communicate by gmail. 

  2. hi, i have gas lighter, unknown brand, and have following problem:
    – not able to refill gas
    – what i noticed is, when i tried to refill gas, i could hear the noise of
    gas leakage from the nozzle at the bottom of the lighter too.
    do you think i have a chance to repair it ?
    thanks for your infor in advance n await.

  3. this will be almost the same cost of repairing my lighter in switzerland. i
    have to consider. tks/atila

  4. Thanks! Helped me with my dads old (30 years) im corona lighter!

  5. Can you give me info on the lighter?

  6. Oh my God, .. you can last fifteen seconds???? I never last anywhere near
    that long! (and you wonder why I’m divorced) LOL

  7. If it were expected, ……. it wouldn’t be funny. LOL

  8. Lol the dinner table joke was unexpected

  9. 5:08 gave me a little laugh

  10. Hahahha… Its like sex. Stick it in and hold it for 15 seconds…. Done.
    Twice would be a miracle . ; )

  11. I always release gas during the dinner…it seems to turn people in to
    christians as they always start shouting “for christ sake, ow jesus, ow god
    etc..” Gas!

  12. Good vid.. but it only takes about 5-7 seconds for my lighter (same as in
    vid) to fill. I usually stick my lighter under my arm for a couple mins to
    warm it up before lighting.

  13. nice tutorial Kel .. Thanks for sharing !!! Cheers !!!

  14. The video before this one is a review of said lighter.

  15. It’s enough to make anyone’s eyes water with religious fervor! LOL

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