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How to refill a butane lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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In this video I demonstrate how to purge and refill a butane lighter.


  1. I bought a butane canister that came with 5 different tips but each one I
    used still spits out liquid. It filled up my lighter but I wish it refilled
    cleanly like yours did. Any idea why this is happening?

  2. wow that fast to get a lighter full on butane? I thought I’d have to hold
    the butane can for a while to let liquid transfer or something..

  3. The first lighter you purged and filled. The second one you only filled.
    Why did you not purge it?

  4. Today I bought a butane can at Wal-Mart and refilled my candle lighter.
    Since I couldn’t tell when it was full, I tested every 10-20 seconds until
    the lighter gave me a flame. How can you tell when the lighter is full?

  5. can i put green gas in one of these

  6. if i have that little hole on the bottom of the lighter does that mean that
    it can only take butane fluid, or can i put lighter fluid in it?

  7. I tried to refill a few lighters in the past and after that they didn’t
    work anymore. Now I know you have to ‘un-gas’ them first.
    I have another question: when do you know the lighter is completely filled?
    I mean, there are small lighters and big lighters (like the pyro-torches).
    Or should 3-5 seconds be enough for any lighter, no matter what size?

  8. I had no idea that it only took a few seconds, I’m so glad I watched this,
    I kept holding it down for increments of 1 minute hoping I didn’t blow my
    face off and end up on one of those tragic news stories. Thank you for
    sharing this, I know a lot of people might think this video is stupid and
    pointless but I just wanted to let you know that it helped me, and it prob
    has helped others too. Thanks!

  9. Lel i spanisss jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  10. Does it always take a few seconds to fill? I have a lighter that I’ve never
    refilled… and it’s old. I tried to fill it for 10 seconds but it still
    won’t light. Any ideas? Thanks.

  11. I’m trying to fill both of my butane lighters, I purged the butane. But wen
    I try and refill them the butane is leaking out of the can. Do I have to
    get a new 1?

  12. Nipples!!

  13. found out if a torch lighter stops working when filling. simply empty it
    then start filling then tip upside down then up side up then angle it then
    almost down to fill it not fast it removes the problem might be vsper lock
    but fixes problem. works wonders.

  14. @f1god04 Do you have to purge a turbojet lighter? I have a true utility
    turbojet witha visible fuel cylinder, green flame filter. Burns at 1300
    degrees c, but I don’t know whether it does. What happens if you don’t
    purge it? Does it get vapour locked?

  15. I agree with Cameron (below). Filling at any less than 90° may risk air
    intake….and you don’t want that.

  16. Why does my Butane lighter when after filling become a normal “Flame” as
    opposed to the general “Torch” that is originally presented when purchased?

  17. Would it make a difference if i used ultra butane or normal butane because
    i have this one lighter I’m trying to refill but it won’t woke and I’m not
    sure if its because I’m using ultra butane. I would appreciate it if you
    would reply to my comment, thanks.

  18. How far down do you push it in? i pushed it in until it stopped leaking the
    fuel but then nothing will come out when i light it

  19. When he did the candle lighter he did it wrong. Inside the Butane canister
    is three different elements. All three different elements weigh different
    amounts. You get the most pure solution when facing the can directly face
    down at a 90º angle when filling. DO NOT do it at a 45 or 75 because it
    will not be as pure as it should be.

  20. thanks

  21. Can you overfill a butane lighter? Mine is hissing…

  22. I don’t think it would. Generally purging is only done if you need to get
    the fuel out quickly, and don’t have the time to burn it off. Generally
    speaking, you can only get vapor lock if you refill it wrong (it happens to
    me all the time, so if it does, it’s not the end of the world)

  23. Because “purging” and “draining the fuel” are the same thing. Butane is
    liquid only under pressure. The only way to get the fuel out of the lighter
    is to depress the fuel valve.

  24. This is much easier using our butane lighter tool. It works great.. Thanks

  25. why do you need to purge the butane beforehand?

  26. after watching this video, i realized that there are two kind of lighter.
    at first i tought all lighter (including the butane lighter) is called
    zippo lighter 😀 thanks for the vids..

  27. um shit idk man but ok its an electric zippo it uses electrisity to light
    and not a flint so its differennt you know

  28. I don’t think so. Once it’s full it should cut off. If it’s hissing, I
    think you’re inserting the nozzle wrong.

  29. haha dude i cant but hey man thats for helping out

  30. Do you need a specific kind of lighter fluid?

  31. If it is butane (pressurized can) then yes you can. If it’s not in a
    pressurized can, then no. Ronsonol fluid will NOT work in a butane lighter.

  32. Okay so I didnt purge the lighter and added the butane… now it wont light
    do I have to empty all the butane I put into it (i did so before watching
    the video because I thought I knew how to correctly fill the lighter)

  33. It’s not a requirement, but it’s a simple step, and it goes a LONG way
    towards preventing vapor lock.

  34. im the same the electric strikes the gas which makes the flame im only 12
    and ive got a zippo no gas low:/

  35. Thanks this helped a lot

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