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How to Pick Out a Pipe Tobacco – Pipe 101 – Cigars International

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Need a pipe or any accessories? Rick gives a little advice on selecting your first pipe tobacco blend.


  1. Hey I’ve never smoked a pipe(smoked cigarettes for a few years) but pipes
    have always interested me. Anybody recommend their fave that would be good
    for a beginner? 

  2. How can you be international if you dont ship world wide

  3. If I could start all over I’d go with corn cob pipes and straight tobaccos
    (Burley, Virginia, Cavendish, etc). The corn cobs are cheap and usually
    smoke pretty sweet and cool. I would have avoided aromatics as they just
    never tasted right. (I smoke them every now and then to mix it up a bit,
    but usually a bowl or two every few weeks) Once I had figured out what the
    basics tasted like and how they smoke, I would have mixed them up in
    different combinations to see what I liked the most. From there I’d try to
    find a tin that/blend that was the closest to what I discovered I liked…

    Oddly enough, Half and Half is one of my favorites. (I used to like
    Penzance, but haven’t found an inexpensive English that’s comparable in

  4. I am going through my 2nd divorce. Pipe smoking is great. If you find a
    blend is not working out or a better one it is much easier to change
    partners. No lawyers needed or long explanations

  5. you guys have a real store? where is this? I probably shouldn’t know, I
    would shortly thereafter be broke lol

  6. I like mixing 50/50 Samuel Gawith ‘1792’ with Samuel Gawith ‘Full Virginia’
    or even better ‘St. James Flake’. Delicious.

  7. Highland Whiskey is marvelous.

  8. I would suggest as substitutions either the Ashton Consummate Gentleman, or
    the Dunhill My Mixture 965. Both of those are a lighter English they are
    not a bulk tobacco however so they do come in tins. I hope this helps you

  9. thank you gave me some options to try there

  10. Do you still carry Istanbul? I’m a beginner pipe smoker and I wanted to try
    a light English. When you mentioned it in the video I checked your online
    bulk pipe tobacco selection and I didn’t see it.

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