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How to Open a Bottle with a Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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If you want to open a bottle of beer or any drink but you don’t have a bottle opener, there is no reason to start gnawing on the bottle cap to rip it o…


  1. spilled beer everywhere and probably ruined my lighter. i fucked up… next
    time ill just use a bottle opener…. this is only because i couldnt find
    my butterfly knives which are great bottle opener substitutes.

    but it did get my extremely fuzzy beer open….perhaps you should practice
    this sober…

  2. That shit don’t work I tried it

  3. 91 people couldn’t get their beer opened..

  4. For those of you who say this doesn’t work or a Bic leaks, you’re wrong and
    I hate you. I am a college student, and this is the best trick I have ever
    learned. Bics actually work better than those cheap ass clear lighters. I
    can open a bottle cleaner than any bottle opener (and I’ll prove it) with
    no fizzing, spilling or anything of the like. Practice makes perfect

  5. my lighter broke u son of a bitch

  6. Pfft, I just end up shredding the skin on my finger and destroying the
    bottom of the lighter :(

  7. Ha it worked thanks man

  8. does not work with a bic mini, punctured a hole and made lighter fluid

  9. Thank you!!!

  10. Thanks!!!! Needed a bottle opener and the lighter worked great.


  12. Holy shit I did it. I’ve tried for years and I just could never get it.

  13. holy shit i died it after always trying to learn for years wow XD!! you
    dont understand my joy and excitment that came over me when this happened
    its so easy xD

  14. Thank you :)

  15. Thank you so much! this was one thing i never thought i’d be able to pick
    up despite countless friends trying to teach me. then one desperate night i
    loose my bottle opener and my bottles are calling to me. after watching a
    few videos (including ones that used screw tops) i came upon yours. First
    try..POP! thank you for teaching me a skill i thought i was just never
    meant to learn.

  16. it no work

  17. went to the trouble to get a chaser “mikes hard lemon aid”…trying to take
    off the cap the realized and said “twist off”:!!!! Thanks but no thanks!
    wow we cracked up

  18. Got my beer opened thanks!

  19. straight to the point. no bullshit. sweet video, man.

  20. yeah using my teeth is getting old haha.

  21. I did it!!! I’ve been trying to learn this for years!! Thanks!

  22. Thanks buddy, this just saved me walking downstairs to get a bottle opener!

  23. did this on my first try. Merry Christmas!

  24. thanks worked :-)

  25. I have long and thin musician’s fingers:(

  26. Thanks Grant!

  27. you just saved me during finals week. in the library and my energy drink
    was NOT a twist off.

  28. thanx!!!..finally opened my beer!!! cheers dude!

  29. i still cant do it

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