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How to light a wet BIC lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Here’s how to light a wet BIC lighter. No, they’re not ruined if they get wet! 🙂

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  1. Lighters don’t sink if they are low on butane you idiot. They have the
    same displacement as a full lighter, and lower mass, so empty lighters are
    more likely to float than full ones.

    I can’t believe you took the trouble to make a video for something so
    obvious. Are you the sort of person who has to read the instructions on a
    tube of toothpaste? Perhaps your next video can be a little bit more
    technical, such as how to jiggle the handle when the toilet keeps running,
    or how to work power windows in an automobile.

  2. It worked thanks for saving me $1.25

  3. lol you cant light a wet bic lighter what you did was dry it then light it

  4. Ohhhhhhhh you’re Sam from GOT

  5. yo man, it worked even with my bic mini

  6. lol poor people…

  7. Haha thanks for this, It helped me out! My damn lighter fell from my pocket
    when i was taking a piss.. But, That’s life.

  8. Sexy body lmao.

  9. Lol just to let you know your dog got raped in the background 

  10. Big helppp. Thank uu

  11. 4:15 the dog is eating the tiny dogs head

  12. You really started to tear your arm up there bud! Lol. No fear.

  13. Possibly the most helpful youtube video I’ve ever seen.

  14. he sounds like seth rogen hah

  15. Oh yeah um do you happen to know how to lower the flame on a bic? Some are
    ridiculously high.♥¥22

  16. LOL NOICE. I lost my Bic outside in the snow only to find it again just
    now. Searched “how to light a wet bic lighter” and BAM.

  17. dropped my lighter in the bathtub trying to light a cigarette. very lazy
    and like a nice smoke in the bath….with a laptop….and a drink…..why
    am I still single?

  18. Nice! My budum, thank you for the help (double duo) I used the arm method
    and not only did it work like a charm it saved me on waxing (I know too
    much info) and sanity (i hate looking for 100 of something and than theres
    nothin when ya need it crap) this will be a great bs/ chit chat exp./story.
    I didn’t realuze it was plucking my arm hair (i don’t really wax arms b.t.y
    {for pointless thumb pushers})
    Again thank you . Have fun Be safe take care. ♥¥22

  19. U r awesome

  20. Hey nice video! And I like your watch what is it?

  21. I dropped a lighter in the sink filling up a bong. This works like a charm

  22. Ur funny dude. Cool dogs

  23. What’s up with all the hateful comments? The guy’s made an educational
    video to show us something that could save our lives in a situation of
    hypothermia when all you have is a Bic. Zippos are about the worst
    firestarter you can have on you because the fuel evaporates all by itself
    in a matter of a week. Regardless, calling someone a dumbass because you
    disagree with him is not cool. I’d always have a Bic and a firesteel, and
    maybe also a peanut lighter as a final backup.

  24. Nice! Luv the “Bear” choreography……dog training is coming along quite
    well I see…. 🙂

  25. i swear ta god dat nigga jus said nigga

  26. One can feel your power

  27. “My nigga” ahaha lol

  28. Yeah. It’s almost impossible to use a firesteel in high humidity, and I
    never see that mentioned anywhere. Good on YOU for trying, dood! /salute

  29. Yeah, he’s a puppy. He’s trained to obey, and certainly knows what “NO!”
    means, but, for the most part, I let him run around and do what he wants.
    That makes all the “NO!”s more severe, and he obeys them faster. Besides,
    he’s a straight ridah, and you can’t hate on that! 😛

  30. your dogs wanted to hump

  31. You’re welcome, dood! 🙂

  32. Chea! That knife is so fucking badass! They’re like $20 too! 🙂

  33. haha u kinda sound like Dale from pineapple express 😀

  34. You are a crazy mother. Great video. Proved your point.

  35. Epic dog

  36. Eww man boobs

  37. What about if it gets wet

  38. It always is! Life is GOOD! 🙂 Mornin’, dood! See you on the boards, LOL.

  39. Thank you, sir!

  40. nice wear on the crkt knife 🙂


  42. Nah, Zippos fuel evaporates too fast! The fuel will only stay in the zippo
    for a week or two before evaporating. Now, there is this sweet little thing
    called a “Peanut Lighter” that is made by County Comm, and it’s a pretty
    sweet deal, but I still prefer my BIC! BIC’s are the Glocks of the
    firestarting world!

  43. Bear is a Great Pyrenees. They’re bred to sit in snowy mountains all day
    guarding livestock herds. 🙂

  44. “BIC’s are the Glocks of the firestarting world!” Well said.

  45. What kind of dog is Bear?


  47. lol 4:05 look at the dogs

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