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HOW TO KEEP WARM AND SMOKE IN THE WINTER – cigar garage man cave ideas!!!

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This was my version of a warm winter room to escape the cold of winter and enjoy my favorite cigars. Definitely not the most official way to do things but gets the job done nicely!!!


  1. yea, you are definitely onto something's time to show some people from Florida that there are millions of us up North, the good and honest cigar smokers from Canada and Pacifick NW, to Wyoming, Dakotas, Minesota , Montana and Wisconsin, not to mention the rest, who are having real problems with smoking in the Winter and our main concern is not the quality of cigars, or humidity of the humidors at this time of the year, but instead surviving smoking experience at -5, or -12 Celsius or -30 and getting heated garage without suffocating from smoke etc. I'll rather smoke Quorum in comfort and warmth of garage like yours, than Coheba while getting frostbites outside at -10C for an hour and a half.

  2. Necessity is the mother of invention. I started with a lawn chair and a milk crate in my garage. My set up has evolved many times. Enjoy your smokes brother

  3. Yes it does get to me sometimes. I just play music on some headphones and then think to myself, oh yea, I'm in here warm and not out in the freezing cold. Lol. I can actually be anywhere in my corner and the smoke goes out the top. Works great

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