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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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How to Keep Cigars Fresh: Rotating Cigar Stock [Cigar 101] – Famous Smoke Shop

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Lou gives advice on how to store cigars…and there’s more to it than just putting them in the humidor and letting them be. To keep your cigars properly humidified, move them around so they…


  1. I just have a desktop and that’s the reason I plan on using boveda 69% once
    it’s finished the seasoning process.

  2. Lou, what’s your thoughts about a desktop humidor with the humidification
    device in the centre bottom or the humidor?

  3. Lou (and his vest) is back today with some more helpful cigar smoking tips
    for you! This time he’s got some storage suggestions centered around
    rotating your stash of stogies around your humidor to make sure they
    receive even amounts of humidification.

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