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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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How to Get the Most out of a Cigar

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What’s a pirate’s favorite tobacco product?

For a tour of the Roma Craft Tobac space, and a talk about what goes into producing cigars –

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None of us are doctors, to be clear, so if you’re concerned about health risks associated with smoking cigars, ask a medical professional and review credible studies and come to your own conclusions.
Table of Contents
01:08 – introductions and what is being sampled
06:47 – inspecting a cigar
12:57 – cutting a cigar
17:56 – cold draw
20:00 – lighting a cigar
25:30 – smoking a cigar
34:13 – storing cigars
Reference Material
Cigars, part 1: “Understanding Cigars”

Old Chief Wood’nhead (from Creepshow 2)

Fig Wasps
Big thanks to Roma Craft Tobac for sharing their expertise and generous use of their facilities. Check them out online or keep an eye out for one of their cigars next time you stock up.
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“Back Home” by Moose Dawa
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“Everydayluvin w/ Andras Szilagyi” by Moose Dawa
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“In Bloom” by Mo Anando
“Still Shining” by Badsummer
This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood – host —
Jason Murphy – host —
Brandt Hughes – camera operator / editor —
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer —
Skip Martin – guest —
Michael Rosales – guest —

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  5. Cigars are good till you get heath problems at 40.

  6. C'mon guys, you can design your website better…

  7. What the hell kind of delusional nicotine addict would legitimately classify one cigar a day as "moderate use"? Are you *serious*?

  8. Keep in mind when this guy is talking about the low risks of tobacco that he is literally a the owner of a company that sales tobacco .

  9. Quality content, people. This is why I'm subscribed.

  10. I've watched about 15 of your videos and I already love you guys. You're funny, entertaining, and informative. I'm glad I found another channel that I can binge while doing something else. Subscribed!

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  12. 28:14 I'm pretty sure that the tiny people in Jason's head went AFK.

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