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How to Fill and Bleed Your Butane Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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XIKAR’s Kurt Van Keppel guides you through the process of filling a jet flame lighter with butane. He then explains the importance of bleeding your lighter o…



  1. what kind of butane would you recommend for BHO production? 

  2. What propellant? The butane is a vapor at room temperature so liquid butane
    IS under pressure which means it will expand naturally, so there is no need
    for a propellant. This is the nature of ANY spray can propellant. A liquid
    at room temp that expands to a gas when released. Propane does have a
    higher vapor pressure so it’s used more commonly as a propellant and is a
    must for pressurizing non-volatile substances like spray paint. (that’s why
    spray paint is so flammable) The only reason that propane would be mixed
    with butane is to decrease the boiling point of the fluid, thereby
    increasing vapor pressure. Many fuel gas combinations are used to tailor
    the actual pressures achieved for different uses and environments. (for
    example MAP gas is a mixture of methane, propane and acetylene and gives
    extremely high temperature of acetylene gas while still being pressurized
    by boiling of the other gases) So an EXTRA propellant such as propane COULD
    be included to insure all the butane is expelled even at extremely low
    temperatures. (this COULD be important if you were trying to refill at
    torch outdoors in freezing temperatures, but you would get the same result
    by warming the butane cylinder with your hands.) PS I do have a Chemistry
    degree ;-)

  3. There isn’t a “propellent”, there is only butane in there in liquid and gas

  4. there is no need of propellant, the butane is pressurized into liquid in
    the can, with it’s boiling point at -2X degree Celsius, it’s vapor will
    take over any space left in the can and force the liquid out once the valve
    is open

  5. While playing the video, push “4” on the keyboard and then “2”. HILARIOUS.

  6. This dude might be overselling his brand of butane but there is such a
    thing as inferior butane.

    “Bad” butane is just butane with more contaminants in it (generally oil).
    The contaminants leave deposits in your lighter and gum up the works which
    will obviously affect the flow of fuel. He is also right that putting
    butane through a distillation process will give you a more pure gas with
    less contaminants.

    That is all.

  7. This guy doesn’t know what octane means. Higher octane fuels are more
    difficult to burn. You use high octane fuel in an engine to eliminate
    preignition (knock).

  8. Great video.

  9. Thanks buddy

  10. also this video creeped me out abit idky lol

  11. How hard one needs to press butane canister against valve?

  12. helpful really

  13. Thanks love your lighters now I know what went wrong with my old one should
    have bled it more.

  14. “Bad butane”. Get TF out of here.

  15. @djSpinege HAHAHA omg, rofl

  16. You turn the pressure to closed to fill it. And turn the pressure all the
    way up to get rid of propellant?

  17. Please purchase a small portable microphone. They are around $100 bucks.
    The sound of the camera zooming in shouldn’t be as loud as the person
    speaking. Lols. Come on guys, you can do a better job makin a video than
    this. Although the rest of the video is great mind you!

  18. He’s full of shit, it’s totally biased. His butane might be that good, but
    I’ve used plenty of other butane in plenty of other lighters and never had
    a problem. I’m sure if you get some ridiculous bargain butane (Don’t even
    know if it exists) it can fuck your shit up, but other than that you should
    be fine. Zippo fluid is actually, in my opinion, a fairly high quality
    fluid whether you’re talking about the butane or wick lighter fluid.

  19. I never knew I had to ‘bleed’ butane lighters. Every single butane lighter
    I have ever owned I ended up throwing away because I could never get it to
    work after refilling. I think they all had vapor lock from not emptying
    them before filling. :/

  20. Now thats a good detailed video thank you you saved me throwing my lighter

  21. @djSpinege signed in just to like ur comment. We all must know!!!

  22. long and hard hahahahahahahahaha

  23. Thank you for explaining why inverting the lighter is necessary (butane
    sinks, propellent rises). Now that I know what’s going on, I’ll be able to
    remember it.

  24. i pressed number 7 over and over … lol

  25. Helpful video but not complete….You did not mention how to adjust the
    flame…The Butane Screw thing helps to make purging the tank and adjusting
    the flame simple….

  26. thanks for the info.just recieved it today in my Xikar newsletter.i’ve been
    digging my EX since i got it 3 months ago, once again thanks.

  27. As much as I like some of xikar’s products. No such thing as high octane

  28. roflmao

  29. very interesting and informative my friend…… cheers

  30. No really, it’s not like that. Crap butane fucks up lighters. It’s like

  31. Not to mention 33% is not very high :/

  32. why would you light a cigar with butane? always use a match.

  33. how many times are you gunn say fucking butane lmfao

  34. Thank you for this video, very helpful for me.

  35. Xikar makes THE BEST butane lighters, bar none. And the warranty – amazing!
    Highly recommended. Thanks for the helpful video, especially the bit at the
    end about purging bad butane.

  36. What about Zippo Butane fuel? They any good?

  37. Very helpful guy in all he does . . . ..

  38. I never thought about this…and i threw my lighter away because i thought
    it was broken….i always use to shake the bottle too because the bottle
    asked me to. I’m a fuckin dumb ass

  39. @timer121 your gay

  40. Yes use the best butane in your lighters to light the death stick full of

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