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How to Fill a Zippo Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Today you will learn how to refill a Zippo Lighter.


  1. What was shiny black lighter, like it? Can you give me the name or link to
    where i can get it.

  2. Would charcoal lighter fluid work?

  3. Ugh! Stop smacking your lips like a horny drunk bitch! So Damn annoying!

  4. can you use rubbing alcohol 

  5. Well i did everything you said went to light it and cought my hole hand on
    fire and now there a hole in my desk because the lighter got in fire and
    wouldent go out no madder what i did so i ran into my garage and got a fire
    extinguisher and put it out. 

  6. 20 dislickes? why? fucking retards

  7. I fell retarded now

  8. Wipe your hands! I didn’t and when I lit it there was a huge fire ball

  9. Awesome thank you so much!

  10. thx

  11. will regular gasoline work???

  12. Y da fuck this nigga keep smacking his lips like he a damn ghetto girl I
    had to leave in the middle of the video I told this nigga to do it one more
    time boys wanted to test a nigga but in out this shit “thumbs down”

  13. I feel stupid for its simplicity, but thank you sir!

  14. no don’t use charcoal fluid buy ronsonol its cheap and works great

  15. Thank you it is one of the only videos thay really explain it clear. 

  16. what is that fluid

  17. I didnt! Thanks alot!

    P.s. what is the best international brand of lighterfluid? (Im from the

  18. Do you have to ever replace the cotton inside? 

  19. This works with gasoline too

  20. Thnx

  21. why isnt it sparking
    we have
    flint lighter fluid

  22. Very well done video and presentation. Thanks.

  23. Thanks dude

  24. Nice tutorial thanks. I hate how everyone on youtube likes to be long
    winded and a pain in the ass.

  25. Thanks bro, really helpful

  26. Thank you.

  27. You’re welcome

  28. Thanks

  29. does Zippo specify what the hole in the felt is actually for? Someone
    suggests it is used to pull up the felt by sticking something in it and
    bending it up.

  30. i use mine to keep an extra flint

  31. Zippo lighers are shit burn ur bum

  32. Just kiding

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