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How to Develop Your CIGAR PALATE (f. Brickhouse Double Connecticut)

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We’re so excited to have the Brickhouse Double Connecticut. It is the perfect cigar to use to develop your cigar smoking palate. Here are some of our top tips for learning how to taste the flavors in a cigar.

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  1. As far as slamming the weights go… test cyp is the way to go. Never Tren. Keep the lifting to p.m’s…the older group at the gym prefer to keep it quiet. Aaarrrrghhhhhhh!

  2. Lol about the steroids I had a kidney transplant and they give me a high dose of steroids for the first 2 months I was like the Hulk so I know how you feel

  3. I'm new to cigars, although I'm 56 years old. I have full upper & lower dentures; Do these restrict/limit my ability to enjoy the flavors?

  4. The first cigar I had was while I was on vacation in Nicaragua. It was a dark full bodied cigar but I wouldn’t say the strongest. Since then I have tried a few Padrons and really enjoyed them but when I tried a light wrapper cigar the taste was not there for me. It could have just been one cigar but are there any light bodied cigars to try if you like Padrons? Thank you in advance.

  5. I love tatiena cigars i trying each one littel by littel I recommend them to every one

  6. Can u get the same result from a French inhale

  7. Hey my name is Chris and I will not smoke an acid tonight so can build my palate 😏 dammit 😂

  8. Why do you never use a zippo to light your cigars that’s why I would use.

  9. Retrohaling is the same practice with tasting tequila.

  10. What a great review on Conn. cigars, but a douche-bag in Bradley has to do it with a great guy like Tim… For Brad to be so selfish and not let Tim in on much-earned revenues, credits, etc. is nasty, selfish & vile! Tim makes the show what it is. Alive, electric, knowledgeable and FUN!!! Piss off Bradley, move over and let a real and honest man reign: TIM!!!

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