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How to deal with cigar mold

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  1. Another tip that i can give: if u see mold on the top of wrapper (any part of cigar) you should know that only the "shape" of the iceberg, by the way when you discover this fact in time you have 2 choice, clean the wrapper fast and smoke it (no damage on cigar or another kind of mold substrates) or throw in the junk..

  2. That looks a good mould wiping belly.

  3. That was amazingly insightful. Thank you, I will keep this in mind for when I am able to afford my own cigars. I've always watched your videos as a child, ever since you were known almost only as Oxhorn (in the back of my mind, you will forever be my Blizzard game playing idol) and I still try to continue to watch your videos. Whether they are funny, informational, or just there. I've always tried to keep up to date. I hope you have a splendid night/evening/morning, Brandon!

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