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How To Cold smoke Salmon – Cold Smoked Salmon video Recipe – Cold Smoking Fish

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This video will show you how to make your own Cold Smoked Salmon. Here I am using proQ cold smoke Generator. For more details check out http://PITMASTERX.COM…

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  1. My gosh, just watching it made me wanna eat something tasty right now!

  2. where can you buy the cold smoker?

  3. REALLY well done!!!!!!!! Just curious, what music did you use?

  4. I like your video, simple understandable. I am a demanding chef, please
    allow me, when we place the slices in a dish we hide the dark colour of the
    salmon .

  5. Any way to smoke the salmon without a smoker oven in handy? Any method with
    an electric oven? BTW, ur smoked salmon looks so damn nice!

  6. Hi there! I have a question. How many wood chippings are you using for it?
    Was this container enough for whole 12 h smoking? Just wanted to make sure
    before doing it myself ;)

  7. How long does it take to Cold Smoke Salmon ? And you are saying 77 degress
    isthe ideal temp ? Thank you.

  8. can I replace sugar with honey?

  9. This is very helpful thanks for sharing… how long and how can I store the
    salmon after smoking? or do I need to consume all right away? Thanks again!

  10. Mr. Pit master, I like video, but am I overreacting when I get concerned
    with curing for only 90 minutes? Reason I’m asking is that I salt cure my
    filets for around 60 hours in the refrigerator. 

  11. beautiful!! will try this for sure :)

  12. whats the name of the song?

  13. thanks alot for the great video . how long should the salmon stay in the
    smoker ? 

  14. Now i want to try this too 🙂 Very well done! How long does this smoker
    runs? Do you have to refill it many times in those 24 hours?

  15. DEE durrr….

  16. OMG just the way you do it and slices it thin thing not talking about it
    make me go crazy where to find the smoke thing tho ?

  17. hows it going pitmaster this is cory here ( sorry im on my wifes youtube).
    i just made some gravelax and was gonna eat it as is but i decided to cold
    smoke it with my smoker. from watching your vid i notice your curing time
    was only an hour and a half why so short compared to the whole gravelax or
    lox of doing the curing for for 48hrs and vs the time you did. plus the
    cold smoke how long should it be or is it just on preference


  19. i loveyour videos and music is so delicious …:D

  20. A for presentation. F for spelling.

  21. People at work see jiggying to this music like wtf

  22. Buono

  23. nice vid mate. Is this salmon frozen, brined and cured before hand? or just
    flash frozen to make it sushi grade?

  24. Can you eat the salmon after you’ve rinsed the salt and sugar off? As if I
    were going to make a raw salmon salad?

  25. Wonderful!! Thanks!!! Now i can do this myself instead of spending all that
    money at the store. Thank you for making it so easy! I love how its
    straight to the point.. And you did some wonderful editing as well.

  26. I did not see you seasoning the skin side. Do I need to salt the skin side

  27. heyyyyyy i seen that piece before. i seen someone smoke cheese with it.
    pretty cool

  28. Looks great

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